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Atom No. 47

  1. Winnipeg, Manitoba
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  1. Scratch or Stitch
    by Melt-Banana
  2. initial t.
  3. Racer-X (Remastered)
    by Big Black
  4. At The Crypt
    by SPK
  5. Auto-Da-Fé
    by SPK
  6. Information Overload Unit
    by System Planning Korporation
  7. Zamia Lehmanni - Songs Of Byzantine Flowers
    by SPK
  8. Gold And Poison
    by SPK
  9. Encrypted & Vulnerable
  10. Forget
    by Twin Shadow
  11. Werewolves of London, Ontario
    by B.A. Johnston
    I Don't Buy No Government Weed (Still Buying from Steve) I Don't Buy No Government Weed (Still Buying from Steve)
    Werewolves of London, Ontario is another amazing album by B.A. Johnston. The thing I love about it most, is that I feel good when I listen to it. It's goofy and poignant, both lyrically and musically with great hooks. Everything these days feels so dour and heavy, then parting the clouds in the sky is B.A covered in Cheeto dust handing you a beer with a smile on his face, letting you know it's going to be ok.
  12. Tri Repetae
    by Autechre
  13. Trait
    by Pailhead ( Al Jourgensen & Ian MacKaye )
  14. Dominator 2 Soundtrack EP
    by Matt Gray
  15. Arrival Ep
    by Matt Gray
  16. Stormlord 2 Deliverance Title Theme 2014 Remake
    by Matt Gray
  17. Midnight Shade
    by Matt Gray
  18. B.A Johnston - In Situation Bad (BTR078)
    by B.A. Johnston
  19. Scenes From The Next Millennium
    by Navicon Torture Technologies
  20. Dead Or Alive
    by Trentemøller