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A. Tolonen

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  1. Der Synnen Forst
    by Nahtglimel
  2. The Shortest Night
    by Crepuscular Rituals
  3. Upon The Dawn of the Vermilion Glaive
    by Hermit Knight
  4. raise your heart towards the heavens child
    by Hermit Knight
  5. About cursed water temples and colored crystals
    by Lord Bakartia
  6. Cold Emptiness
    by Frozen Dream
  7. Shadows In The Crystal
    by Amon Obel
  8. Blight Town
    by Dreadwood Prophecies
  9. MIGHTIEST / DEPRESSIVE SILENCE - The Recreation of the Shadowlands (Split Demo 1995)
    by Mightiest
  10. Villégiature
    by Lamento Dex
  11. The Slings & Arrows
    by Nick Superchi
  12. Dark Ivory Quietus
    by Nick Superchi
  13. Ghost Machine
    by Alphaxone
  14. Dystopian Gate
    by Alphaxone
  15. The Infinite Void
    by Alphaxone
  16. By Queen's Command
    by Lone Sentinel
  17. The Chronicles of Lord Baerston
    by Meadow Grove
  18. Conquering the Plains of Death
    by Meadow Grove
  19. The Gate of Ohaidaris
    by Meadow Grove
  20. Rheinhurn
    by Meadow Grove