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  1. Vandals and Thugs: Charmed By Gorgoroth
    by Vandalorum
  2. Knife and Noose
    by Wrekan, Pessimista
  3. Distro
    by Vicious Mockery
  4. Distro
    by Vicious Mockery
  5. Distro
    by Vicious Mockery
  6. Distro
    by Vicious Mockery
  7. Distro
    by Vicious Mockery
  8. Venus Chariot
    by Rohn - Lederman
  9. Leaving Lancre
    by Encloaked
  10. Master Builder (My Lovely Mr. Singing Club Mix By Plastic)
    by Absurd Minds
  11. Endless
    by Grim Father
  12. Sword of Äonheart
    by Knights of Nvrul
  13. Split
    by Bury Them and Keep Quiet, Nietzu
  14. Distro Items
    by Realm and Ritual
  15. Distro Items
    by Realm and Ritual
  16. The Fire of Conquest (Demo Compilation Tape)
    by Frost-Rimed Iron
  17. Communion of The Nameless
    by Gråt Strigoi
  18. Dra Sad Trilogy
    by Elffor
  19. Slow And Heavy - Tyrannic Edition
    by Diplodocus
  20. Return of the Ancients
    by Mirthquell