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  1. Blues
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    by the Floors
  2. Bide My Time Until I Die
    by catl
  3. Take A Sip
    by Texas Tea
  4. The Damned and Dirty
    by The Damned and Dirty
  5. The High Road To Ruin
    by The Black Oil Brothers
  6. Lady Dottie & the Diamonds
    by Lady Dottie & the Diamonds
  7. Saltwater
    by John Fairhurst
  8. Silver Ashes Line The Lane
    by Honshu Wolves
  9. Turn or Burn
    by Reverend Deadeye
  10. The Horrortones 10"
    by The Horrortones
  11. 66$
    by Travel Check
    by Dan Brodie & The Grieving Widows
  13. Blues Magic, Vudù Slide & Jungle Boogie - Alice Is The Devil EP
    by Ali Bumaye
  14. Without
    by There Will Be Blood
  15. MJCR010 - Shine On Me
    by Honshu Wolves
  16. Wherever You Go
    by There Will Be Blood
  17. Hard in Heaven
    by Natural Child
  18. Play With Your Toys
    by The End Men
  19. Charlie Patton's War
    by Charlie Patton's War
  20. Shakedown CD/LP
    by Chris Russell's Chicken Walk