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  1. The Four Elements - Air (Volume 1)
    by Various
    Wonderful new music collection, released by Cousin Silas! Glad to be a part of this, with my music track: "The Forest, The Night, The Wind"
  2. The Four Elements - Water (Volume 2)
    by Various
    A wonderful new music collection, released by Cousin Silas! Glad to be a part of this, with my music track "The River of Time" (from my music project Bard's Tales)
  3. Still Silver River
    by Cousin Silas
    A wonderful new album by Cousin Silas! :-)
  4. Haiku
    by Marco Lucchi
    Wonderful album!
  5. Timeless
    by Ambi Case
    Beautiful & peaceful!...
  6. chamomile
    by marine eyes
    Wonderful - peaceful album!!
  7. idyll (extended edition)
    by marine eyes
    A new beautiful & peaceful album by Marine Eyes!!
  8. Ambient Online Themed Compilation 10: Unity (Benefit Compilation)
    by Ambient Online
    Wonderful BIG ambient music collection!! 100% from the sales of this album go for a good cause (a non-profit organization about human rights!)
  9. A Refuge Lost in the Landscape
    by Puppy Bordiga w. Various
    A wonderful album!! (track 3:"Echoes of the Valley, part IIa" is my collaboration with Juan - Puppy Bordiga!)
  10. Dionysios Solomos 1797-1857
    by Pete Swinton
    A beautiful-interesting new ambient-experimental album by Pete Swinton!
  11. Silent Perspectives
    by Cousin Silas
    A wonderful new ambient album by Cousin Silas!! :-)
  12. Northwest & Southeast
    by IKSRE & Party Store
    Amazing new music album!!
  13. Dream Surfing
    by Cousin Silas & Puppy Bordiga
    A wonderful new album by Cousin Silas & Puppy Bordiga! :-)
  14. Ad Astra
    by Puppy Bordiga
    Wonderful new album by Puppy Bordiga!
  15. More Signals, More Dreams
    by Puppy Bordiga
    Awesome space travelling music!!
  16. Candescent
    by Dear Gravity & Lauge
    Amazing, peaceful, beautiful music!!
    by John Likides
    Wonderful album!!
  18. Pastoral
    by Cousin Silas
    A wonderful album by Cousin Silas!
  19. Of Dreams And Sunbeams
    by Cousin Silas
    Dreamscape 002 Dreamscape 002
    Dreamful! :-)
  20. Drift
    by Cousin Silas
    Amazing music!...