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August Søren

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  1. Love in Mine
    by Big Thief
  2. Room 25
    by Noname
    Part of me Feat. Phoelix & Benjamin Earl Turner Part of me Feat. Phoelix & Benjamin Earl Turner
  3. Telefone
    by Noname
  4. Meditations
    by Jon Hopkins
    1/1 Singing Bowl (Ascension) 1/1 Singing Bowl (Ascension)
  5. Poinsettia
    by Pigarette
    Bodø Bodø
  6. Demos & Rarities [vol 1]
    by Goon
    CCLL [demo] CCLL [demo]
    grit and grain
    the definitive versions of many of my fav goon tracks are on this record!
  7. Demos Vol. 1 - Topanga Canyon, CA - Feb 2018
    by Big Thief
    For me each song here is better than the last, culminating in the breathtaking Live Young. very powerful music and a stunning glimpse into the journey songs take from Adrianne's solo recordings to album form.
  8. Anapola
    by Pigarette
    Anapola Anapola
  9. Origin
    by Vanilla
  10. Let's Get Electric - 1987
    by Cheap Talk
  11. Depression Cherry
    by Beach House
  12. 22, A Million
    by Bon Iver
  13. Bright Moments
    by Flamingosis
  14. Clear Your Head
    by Glacier Veins
  15. Aforger
    by Douglas Dare
  16. Beach Music
    by Alex G
  17. The Sleepover Series, Volume Two
    by Hammock
  18. Another One
    by Mac DeMarco
    mac is so darn cheerful on this one
  19. To The Child Drifting Out At Sea
    by Owsey
    Sarah's Summer Wasteland Sarah's Summer Wasteland
    Owsey's music is beautiful, and I love this latest collection so much. Master of atmospheres and absolutely gorgeous mosaics of sound.
  20. Remixes & Covers
    by Stumbleine
    Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody (Stumbleine cover) Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody (Stumbleine cover)
    these remixes are so cute n sweet i could DIE omg