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  1. La Luz Del Padre
    by The Heresy Gene
  2. Fire in the White Stone
    by Wolcensmen
  3. Structures And Downfall
  4. A light in the darkness (Scent Air Limited Edition)
    by Insight
    Damage Damage
  5. In Chains (EP)
    by N-616 feat. F7
    In Chains In Chains
    Wow. What an anthemic EP! The title track is impeccable and I hope they continue along this line.
  6. Song's From The Heart Of Solitude
    by Reliant
    Shield Of Shame Shield Of Shame
    An album that is sheer perfection from start to finish. Chock-full of hooks and incredible vocals. Felt truly gutted when the album ended! Roll on album 2.
  7. .cycles
    by Azimuth
  8. .visions
    by Azimuth
  9. Past Forward
    by Mental Discipline
    Synthetic Soul (feat. Synapsyche) Synthetic Soul (feat. Synapsyche)
  10. The Wheel of the Year
    by Brugner Brokk
    Samhain Samhain
    Truly beautiful album. Sets the mood perfectly for my rituals.
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  11. Shadow_Movement
    by The Anix
    Overdrive Overdrive
    A powerful and anthemic statement of intent that is not only what this world needs to hear but is one it can truly stand behind. Best electronic rock album of 2018!
  12. Ode To The Dark
    by Melissa VanFleet
    Raven Raven
  13. .introvert
    by Azimuth
  14. Incomplete (Single)
    by The Anix
  15. Interchanger (Single)
    by The Anix
  16. Black Space (Single)
    by The Anix
  17. Ghosts of Babylon
    by Maximum Impulse Sound System
  18. Come Back Down (Single)
    by The Anix
  19. One self
    by Habitants
    Jupiter Jupiter
    Absolutely stunning. Truly emotive and unique. A true musical highlight of not only 2018 but of this decade.
  20. Curios
    by Espectrostatic
  21. This Machine (Single)
    by The Anix
  22. Awakening
    by Unity One
    Reflection Reflection
    2018 has been a great year for electronic music and this album is one of the very best. Thanks guys.
  23. Distant Star
    by Ginger Snap5
  24. Perfectly Stranger
    by Anders Manga
  25. Tomorrow
    by Unity One
  26. Showing Up (EP)
    by N-616
    Showing Up Showing Up
    Awesome synthrock!
  27. The Doom That Came To Marble Town
    by Espectrostatic
  28. They Came From Rue Morgue
    by Various
    Perpetual Montage Perpetual Montage
  30. Orgy of the Vampires [Original Soundtrack Recording]
  31. Duality
    by Peter Bjärgö
  32. Ephemeral
    by The Anix
    Hollow Hollow
    Cracking album. So difficult to just choose one song as a favourite but "Hollow" gets it. Welcome back. Don't let it be too long until the next album guys. This one is class.
  33. Necrophiliac Among the Living Dead (Original Soundtrack)
    Love Theme from "Necrophiliac Among the Living Dead" Love Theme from "Necrophiliac Among the Living Dead"
    Stand Your Ground (Feat. Tony Kim) Stand Your Ground (Feat. Tony Kim)
  35. Palm in Mirror
    by Disparition
  36. Stand Your Ground (Feat. Tony Kim)
  37. Silhouette (Digital Edition)
    by Espectrostatic
    Silhouette Silhouette
  38. Classic Themes Redux EP
    by John Carpenter
    Halloween Halloween
  39. The Network
    by Victor Love
    ネオ東京 Underground ネオ東京 Underground
  40. Technomancy
    by Victor Love
    Black Dreams (feat. ORAX) Black Dreams (feat. ORAX)
    The award for most unique album of 2016 goes to...
  41. Angel's Asylum
    by John Carpenter
  42. Distant Dream
    by John Carpenter
    You'll Be Mine You'll Be Mine
    This is an awesome record. As a musician myself this is nothing but awe-inspiring music to me. Sheer excellence!
  44. Think Twice
    by SPC ECO
  45. Incomplete
    by SPC ECO