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  1. Dismantling Devotion
    by Daylight Dies
    A Dream Resigned A Dream Resigned
    Some of the most beautiful melancholic death metal, with serene melodies and poetic lyrics throughout their whole catalogue.
  2. Close
    by Messa
  3. Velvet Dawn
    by Ruin Of Romantics
    Let Me Get Up Let Me Get Up
    Bleak synths with a bit of dark jazz mixed in make this whole album into a sonic boudoir.
  4. Jesu
    by jesu
    Friends Are Evil Friends Are Evil
    The first time I fell in love with this was way back in late 2004, and it's still as monumental.
  5. Bloodmoon: I
    by Converge & Chelsea Wolfe
  6. In The Halls Of Awaiting
    by Insomnium
    Shades Of Deep Green Shades Of Deep Green
    Incredibly elegant lyrics imbuing death metal with a deeper feeling.
  7. The World that Was
    by Temple Of Void
    Leave the Light Behind Leave the Light Behind
    An inspiring development in strengthening the creativity of their own doom / death sound.
  8. May Our Chambers Be Full
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou
  9. Foreverglade
    by Worm
    Centuries Of Ooze Centuries Of Ooze
    Ethereal death metal complimented by elegant melodies and solos.
    by HOLY FAWN
    Vespertine Vespertine
    Enchanting and doomy.
  11. Shadow
    by Fearing
    Nothing New Nothing New
    A chilling goth rock work.
  12. Deceiver
    by Khemmis
  13. Souvenirs
    by The Gathering
    Broken Glass Broken Glass
    Since I found it in 2003 this whole album has been like a companion to me, and my long-lasting love of Annie's voice holds strong.
  14. Your Time To Shine
    by Monolord
    The Siren Of Yersinia The Siren Of Yersinia
    Crushing and surprisingly haunting doom.
  15. Ideal Form
    by topographies
    A Wine Dark Sea A Wine Dark Sea
    An incredible debut album, really looking forward to their next release.
  16. Hush
  17. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  18. Monotony Fields
    by Shape of Despair
    Descending Inner Night Descending Inner Night
    Each pluck of the chords is like the hammering of coffin nails, death vocals like the earth piling on top, while clean vocals melt the mind away - all of it soothing.
  19. Return To The Void
    by Shape of Despair