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A Schuler

  1. Redford Charter Township, Michigan
  2. Electronic
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  1. Everything Ends
    by Running In Slow Motion
    The Slow Erosion of Things The Slow Erosion of Things
    I feel like I'm listening not to music, but to Time, Aeons of Time, while sitting at the edge of a vast canyon in a far away place somewhere in the vast, timeless future.
  2. End of Aquarius
    by Droid Bishop
    The Wolf Inside The Wolf Inside
    Droid Bishop has a unique sound not quite like anyone else. Great rich sounds and amazing bass. The Wolf Inside stands out as quite different from even the rest of DB's music and is real art.
  3. Colours (EP)
    by 7DD9
    Green Green
    Very smooth sounding & inspiring, this music evokes some real emotions. At first my favourite track was "Red", but then after consideration, I've changed to "Green", which is subtly more complicated and takes a few listens to get into, but once you do, it's amazing.
  4. Alternative Facts (LP)
    by 7DD9
    Fantastic Voyage Fantastic Voyage
  5. Iteration
    by Com Truise
    Isotasy Isotasy
    I pre-ordered this because ALL of Com Truise's music has been of such consistantly, unparalleled high quality. CT is one of only a few musicians I know of where I like nearly EVERY piece of music.
    While I do not think this is quite his "best" release, it is good (and extremely well produced), and I had difficulty choosing a favourite between Isostasy, Ternary, Propagation, and Memory.
  6. Turbulence
    by Miami Nights 1984
    MN84 Theme MN84 Theme
  7. None LP
    by Airliner
    Illuminism Illuminism
    Before realising who "Airliner" was, I thought he sounded a lot like Seth Haley. Then I found out it was. There's no mistaking that unique sound.
  8. Crépuscule
    by Satori / WheelRock
    Pourquoi Pourquoi
  9. Brazilian Chronicles
    by Tall Black Guy
    Crônicas do Brasil Crônicas do Brasil
  10. Crépuscule II
    by WheelRock
    Kaas Kaas