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As Above So Below

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  1. A Cruel Taste of Death
    by Luciferica
  2. Army of Frogs
    by Froglord
  3. Dead Empire
    by Rattlesnake Venom Trip
  4. IIXX
    by Cryptophaser
  5. Smokes Of Krakatau
    by Smokes Of Krakatau
  6. We All Die Alone
    by Lust Witch
  7. Witchsnake
    by Witchsnake
  8. The Scorn And Grace Of Crows
    by Grandier
  9. Where the Shadows Adorn
    by Mother of Graves
  10. Vampiric Visions Vol. I: Living Blood
    by Lady Luna and the Devil
  11. The Way Down
    by Paterikon
  12. Ancient Horrors
    by Thou Shalt See
  13. Blood Moon Blues
    by Motherslug
  14. Payan
    by Samavayo
  15. Upon Whom The Last Light Descends
    by Beware Of Gods
  16. Sheet Metal Sessions
    by Kult Ikon
  17. Weird Tales
    by Cormano
  18. As Hope Valley Burns
    by When the Deadbolt Breaks
  19. Wayward Gods
    by Aiwass
  20. Razana