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  1. Death Express
    by Little Barrie
    Count To Ten Count To Ten
  2. Elder - Omens [8-BIT]
    by PlayToDie
    In Procession In Procession
  3. Live
    by Nicklas Sørensen
    L I V E 3 L I V E 3
  4. Monobody / Pyramid Scheme
    by Monobody & Pyramid Scheme
    Two Birds, One Wing Two Birds, One Wing
  5. Body Mass Index
    by Classic der Dicke & Soulmade
    Minuseinsdioptrien ft. Nick Midemkopf Minuseinsdioptrien ft. Nick Midemkopf
  6. Hotline EP
    by Shook
    Call Me Call Me
  7. Quartemass Expansion
    by Little Barrie & Malcolm Catto
    After After (Expansion) After After (Expansion)
  8. Comma
    by Monobody
    Harvester Harvester
  9. Spectrum
    by Shook
    Milestones Milestones
  10. āl bēlūti dārû
    by Wyatt E.
    Mušhuššu Mušhuššu
  11. Unnatural Selection
    by Havok
    Under the Gun Under the Gun
  12. The Ashen Light
    by Zoned Out
    Soaring Mechanism Soaring Mechanism
  13. Black Focus
    by Yussef Kamaal
    Yo Chavez Yo Chavez
  14. Snowdrops
    by Sven Wunder
    Snowdrops Snowdrops
  15. Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky
    by Earthless
    Sonic Prayer Sonic Prayer
  16. Hyperborean
    by Paleons
  17. PALEONS 2
    by Paleons
  18. Azure
    by Vinyl Williams
    Earth Observatory Earth Observatory
  19. Songs From The Deepwater
    by Stone From The Sky
    49.3 Nuances De Fuzz 49.3 Nuances De Fuzz
  20. PRAISE POEMS - A journey into deep, soulful jazz & funk from the 1970s
    by Various Artists
    Resurgence Resurgence