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  1. EGO
    by RAC
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    I Still Wanna Know ft. Rivers Cuomo I Still Wanna Know ft. Rivers Cuomo
    The well-known re-mixer gives us his own album with guests from Weezer, Vampire Weekend, St. Lucia and more.
  2. Dark Days + Canapés
    by Ghostpoet
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    Immigrant Boogie Immigrant Boogie
    Great poet/musician with deep, soulful, spoken word vocals on top of moody, dark, experimental soundscapes. It would probably appeal to fans of Roots Manuva, Kate Tempest and Dalek.
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  3. Expect the Best
    Dog Dog
  4. Future Me
    by Worriers
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  5. Antisocialites
    by Alvvays
    In Undertow In Undertow
  6. Capacity
    by Big Thief
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    Shark Smile Shark Smile
  7. Camp Cope
    by CAMP COPE
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    Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
  8. New Kind of Normal
    by Cayetana
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    Mesa Mesa
  9. I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone
    by Chastity Belt
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    Different Now Different Now
  10. II
    by The Courtneys
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    Country Song Country Song
  11. Swear I'm Good At This
    by Diet Cig
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    Tummy Ache Tummy Ache
  12. Some Things Last Longer Than You
    by Doe
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    No. 1 No. 1
  13. Soft Sounds From Another Planet
    by Japanese Breakfast
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    Machinist Machinist
  14. Everybody Works
    by Jay Som
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    The Bus Song The Bus Song
  15. Seafoam
    by Kamikaze Girls
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    Berlin Berlin
  16. Cowgirl Blues
    by Katie Ellen
    Lucy Stone Lucy Stone
  17. L.A. WITCH
    by L.A. WITCH
    Untitled Untitled
    Much-anticipated debut full-length.
  18. Good Love
    by Major Leagues
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    It Was Always You It Was Always You
  19. S/T
    by Rainer Maria
    Lower Worlds Lower Worlds
    First new studio album in a decade and the band is back stronger than ever.
  20. Need to Feel Your Love
    by SHEER MAG
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    Need to Feel Your Love Need to Feel Your Love
  21. Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?
    by Lisa LeBlanc
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    City Slickers and Country Boys City Slickers and Country Boys
    This album is a huge step up from her first album which was sparser banjo folk sung completely in French. This LP has a fuller sound with more electric guitar and all English vocals. It's mostly country rock/alt-folk but there are some quieter songs too. Thank you flay.
  22. MY WOMAN
    by Angel Olsen
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    Shut Up Kiss Me Shut Up Kiss Me
    Considering how popular she is now, wouldn't you love to have been at this early intimate solo in-store performance:
    Her limited 7" of Roky Erickson & Springsteen covers seems to still be available at her store:
  23. Aldous Harding
    by Aldous Harding
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    Hunter Hunter
    Dark folk singer-songwriter from New Zealand with intense lyrics and gripping vocals. I'm looking forward to her new record in Spring of 2017 named "Party" on 4AD/Flying Nun which is different from this LP - it has PJ Harvey and Kate Bush influences. Live video of her intense performance of a song from the newer LP: Vinyl of newer LP with bonus 7" at:
  24. Strange Darling
    by Miya Folick
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    I Got Drunk I Got Drunk
  25. "You and I" b/w "Somebody to Anybody"
    by Margaret Glaspy
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    You and I You and I
    Also check out this Brooklyn singer-songwriter's full length LP on ATO. Like many of her peers, she has gone loud with prominent electric guitar. Vinyl LP and CD available from:
  26. I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore
    by Lucy Dacus
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    Great song! One of my favorite tracks of 2016. It should appeal to fans of Courtney Barnett and Angel Olsen. Matador has signed her and they re-released her "No Burden" LP/CD, originally on Egg Hunt, in September of 2016.
  27. Bashed Out
    by This Is The Kit
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    Silver John Silver John
    She has a new LP named "Moonshine Freeze" coming out July 2017 on Rough Trade Records. I don't know if it will be available here but it is available from that label:
  28. You Know What It's Like
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    What You Gonna Do Now? What You Gonna Do Now?
  29. Strange Words And Weird Wars
    by Marnie
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    Alphabet Block Alphabet Block
    She's great solo and in Ladytron.
  30. Anxi.
    by Kelly Lee Owens feat. Jenny Hval
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  31. Borrowed Floors
    by L I T H I C S
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    Thing In Your Eye Thing In Your Eye
    Fantastic art punk band from Portland with deadpan female vocals, dissonant guitars, rolling bass lines and herky-jerky rhythms that remind me of 80's bands like Pylon, Bush Tetras and early Devo, as well as more recent bands like Shopping. Below is a wonderfully absurd performance on low-budget public access TV (check out what the people in the back are doing): Also, 2017 KEXP session with a few new songs:
  32. Nothing Feels Natural
    by PRIESTS
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    Nothing Feels Natural Nothing Feels Natural
  33. The Agent Intellect
    by Protomartyr
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    Why Does It Shake? Why Does It Shake?
  34. S/T LP
    by Negative Scanner
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Pity Pity
    Fierce and uncompromising, vitriolic, dark post-punk from Chicago. Tight band and a standout singer with a commanding presence, Rebecca Valeriano-Flores. Great live too:
  35. BRAD POT "Brad Pot" LP
    by Brad Pot
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    Air Strike Air Strike
  36. demo
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    小便 たれ 小便 たれ
  37. Demo '16
    by Natterers
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    Make Room! Make Room! Make Room! Make Room!
    by S-21
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Year Zero Year Zero
  39. , Dies
    by Gouge Away
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    Enough. Enough.
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole
    Very good loud LP from this female-fronted, punk-metal/dark post-punk band with metal & hardcore influences. Their singer uses several registers of her voice from a deep croon to occasional screaming; she sometimes sings in French. The guitars are a relentless, grinding dirge. I think I hear influences like 1st LP Killing Joke, The Plasmatics and Sam Black Church. A huge step up from their earlier work - they now have a distinctive sound that is their own. RIYL: Arctic Flowers, Infinite Void.
  41. Pulso
    by Accidente
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    Pulso Pulso
    Great, catchy, fast pop-punk/surf-punk sung in Spanish. The band is louder and leans more towards punk at live shows. In the USA the vinyl is available at a low price from:
  42. Alvvays
    by Alvvays
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    Archie, Marry Me Archie, Marry Me
    This Toronto band's debut LP was my favorite record of 2014 and is now an all time favorite of mine. Archie is a super catchy song with a huge sing-along chorus. Molly Rankin is a fine singer who has a sweet, endearing personality that shines through to the audience. She used to be a Celtic folk singer. Her 2010 solo "She" EP is rare but is sometimes found on Youtube.
  43. 7"
    by all dogs
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    There are plenty of female-fronted pop-punk bands on Bandcamp but this is one of the most successful. Catchy songs and a fine singer, Maryn Jones, who also has solo folk project Yowler and collaborations with Radiator Hospital and Saintseneca. She's prolific and terrific. No dogs on this record - all of the tracks are good. Also check out their 2015 "Kicking Every Day" full-length LP on Salinas.
  44. Careers
    by Beverly
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    You Can't Get It Right You Can't Get It Right
    Great 2014 debut album on Kanine from this NYC pop-punk band with surf guitar and nice vocals from Drew Citron. The Japanese pressing of this CD contains a Vivian Girls cover. Frankie Rose of Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls was in the band on this album but she moved away shortly after the release of it. The remaining members followed this with a new LP in 2016 called "The Blue Swell".
  45. The Blue Swell
    by Beverly
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    Victoria Victoria
    Different and lighter than their first album but still very good. Gone are the abrasive guitars, fuzzy vocals and Frankie Rose. In are clearer vocals and cleaner production. Drew Citron's voice has never sounded better. In summary, it's Summery.