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  1. color theory
    by Soccer Mommy
    circle the drain circle the drain
  2. Every Bad
    by Porridge Radio
    Sweet Sweet
  3. Ultimate Success Today
    by Protomartyr
  4. Tower of Age
    by L I T H I C S
  5. Coriky
    by Coriky
    Part of the excitement is that it's Ian MacKaye of Fugazi. It's also the quintessential indie rock album of the new decade. It reminds me of Mission of Burma, Jawbreaker and so many classic college rock bands.
  6. Printer's Devil
    by Ratboys
    Alien With a Sleep Mask On Alien With a Sleep Mask On
  7. Honeymoon
    by Beach Bunny
    Ms. California Ms. California
  8. Do You Wonder About Me?
    by Diet Cig
  9. Here to stay!
    by Grrrl Gang
  10. The Archer
    by Alexandra Savior
    Howl Howl
  11. Sister
    by Ultraísta
    Ordinary Boy Ordinary Boy
    If you like Portishead, Polica, Lamb or Exploded View, you will probably love this trippy album.
  12. New Me, Same Us
    by Little Dragon
    Another Lover Another Lover
  13. Heaven To A Tortured Mind
    by Yves Tumor
    Kerosene! Kerosene!
    The new Prince.
  14. R.O.V. (New Beat Edit) // Part Time Punks session
    by Boy Harsher
  15. New Frontiers
    by The Bleak Engineers
    Multidimensional Way (Deviant Version) Multidimensional Way (Deviant Version)
    Nice coldwave that reminds me of KaS Product but catchier.
  16. Consider b/w Wave of Mutilation
    by Gouge Away
  17. You Want It Real
    by lié
  18. Pleasure Vision
    by Bacchae
    Leave Town Leave Town
    This is my surprise favorite punk album of 2020 so far.
  19. One Good Day
  20. Sand
    by BRUTUS
  21. Saint Cloud
    by Waxahatchee
  22. Truth or Consequences
    by Yumi Zouma
  23. Likewise
    by Frances Quinlan
    Solo LP from Hop Along's leader!
  24. Pleaser
    by Georgia Maq
    Solo LP from Camp Cope's leader!
  25. Silver Tongue
    by TORRES
  26. Out of My Province
    by Nadia Reid
  27. I Was Born Swimming
    by Squirrel Flower
  28. If You're Dreaming
    by Anna Burch
  29. Debris
    by Keeley Forsyth
    Debris Debris
  30. Superstar
    by Caroline Rose
  31. Juillet
    by En Attendant Ana
  32. Garden Song
    by Phoebe Bridgers
  33. Please Advise
    by Beauty Pill
  34. Beaten Down
    by Sharon Van Etten
  35. You or Someone You Know
    by Worriers
  36. Far Enough
    by Cable Ties
    Signed by Merge Records!
  37. Burst
    by snarls
    Marbles Marbles
  38. Auto-Pain
    by Deeper
  39. All Or Nothing
    by Shopping
  40. Things Change
    by Jeanines
  41. BRAT
    by NNAMDÏ
  42. When We Stay Alive
    by POLIÇA
    Forget Me Now Forget Me Now
  43. Live In Hamburg 2020
    by POLIÇA
    Dark Star Dark Star
  44. B-Sides The Point
    by Muncie Girls
  45. Gladie - Safe Sins
    by gladie
    Cayetana broke up in 2019 and this is a new band with Augusta Koch on vocals.