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  1. Dreadnought
    by Space Invaders
  2. Street Fighter
    by Serga Kasinec
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Transcendence
    by [STÖMB]
  4. Metempsychosis
    by Andromida
  5. Operator
    by BecomingTheDevourer
    V V
    More than unexpectedly, this dialogue of floating, ticking and sawing synthesizers with guitars drilling deep into my brain fascinates me.
    In my opinion the perfect symbiosis of science fiction suitable synthesizer worlds and the most wonderful metal. A rollercoaster of emotions between hypnotic electronic sounds and demanding riffs.
  6. Alaska
    by Jamie Dean
    I found out about Jamie Dean's solo project through God is an Astronaut. When I listened to it, I was hooked right away. Thanks to Jamie Dean for sharing this song with us! I'm excited to see what's to come in the future... :)
  7. Zvara/Karakolia EP
    by VIC
  8. Age of Aquarius
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
  9. Helios | Erebus
  10. From Nihil
    by [STÖMB]
    Through the Cosmic Depth Through the Cosmic Depth
    Atmospheric. Touching. Highly energetic. Powerful. Groundbreaking.
    Thank you so much for this album!
  11. Meridian
  12. P'eau (EP)
  13. Hyperverse
    by Dark Twin
    I admire the power and energy that emanates from this track. After the breathtaking album "PROMETHEUS", Kirill Barakhtyansky has managed to raise the bar even higher.
    Please don't forget that this song was released during a war! I wouldn't have the nerve to release a track at a time like this... So I can only express my deepest respect for Kirill / Dark Twin.
    And in the face of the blatant injustice of the war in Ukraine, please support Dark Twin with your purchase.
    Слава Україні! 💙💛
  14. Collide & Merge
    by Hemelbestormer
  15. آكتئاب
    by DDENT
  16. Chien Noir
    by DDENT
  17. The Kiffness - Ievan Polkka ft. Bilal Göregen (Club Remix)
    by The Kiffness
  18. The Kiffness x Boombox - Oy u luzi chervona kalyna (Army Remix)
    by The Kiffness
  19. Rakshak
    by Bloodywood
    Zanjeero Se Zanjeero Se
    I stumbled across Bloodywood while browsing Bandcamp in early December; at that point "Rakshak" wasn't finished and I could only listen to "Gaddaar": I had to pre-order this album immediately!
    The wait was more than worth it. The album is a skillful mix of ethnic elements with NuMetal, powerful raps, a clear message and great depth. Thank you for your album, Bloodywood! <3
  20. Siste Lys
    by Ingrina