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  1. The Saberlight Chronicles
    by Fellowship
  2. Visions of Infinihility
    by Carnosus
  3. The Signal Heard Throughout Space
    by Parius
  4. Pagan Spirit
    by Albion
  5. Empyrean
    by Hypermass
    Hivemind Hivemind
    Sometimes I hear something and just thoroughly enough it. Well, here we are. Shut your mouth and open them ears because this is sick AF and I know you'll agree!
  6. Liminal Rite
    by Kardashev
    Kardashev's The Baring of Shadows has never left me. The emotional depth, the back-breaking atmosphere and scathing blackened post-metal sound created such a raw, poignant and haunting experience. Liminal Rite is proving to be an equalling stirring experience.
    Like a dream from which you do not wish to wake, but know you must
  7. Animate The Emptiness
    Incarnate Flame Arise Incarnate Flame Arise
    Yo, this is super weird! Like a Hollywood beat producer and a Norwegian black metal artist were released into a studio and were told to get along or die.
    Seriously eclectic and worth a try

  8. Colours of Faith (Dissonant Black Metal)
    Scorched Timeless Scorched Timeless
    ::2022 Top 10 Album Material::
    This album is stirring aural lunacy! A triumph of the disso-black genre that slaps harder than my dad when I would have a sass mouth.
    Truly perverse, in the best way possible

  9. Beyond The Macabre (Death Metal)
    Gettin' down and dirty with this meaty slab of swedeath! This is gonna give you the 'meat sweats'.
  10. Vampiric
    Hex Rite Hex Rite
    I've been eagerly awaiting some new tunes from my favorite one-man band and (true to form) he has over delivered! Vampiric has a little something for all metal fans, but us melo-death nerds are the big winners here.
    The download includes an instrumental version AND tabs for all the songs!
    An absolute legend
  11. Morir
    by CROSSED
    Trauma Trauma
    This is an aural hand grenade! Exceedingly hostile and belligerent from start to finish Morir breaks you down as it engages in some of the heaviest breakdowns this side of the rocky mountains. This album may only be 20 minutes long, but the ground it covers is impressive and leaves only ruins in its short, but considerable wake.
  12. Border World
    by Volcandra
    It slowly comes into view, a planet on the outer reaches of what is known. The intro song is the slow descent into a unknown biosphere, that quickly erupts as the hostility of the world is revealed.
    Is the first song a Metroid Prime reference? I sure as hell hope so, because that'll make this album all the better
  13. Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum (Deluxe Digital Edition)
    by Alestorm
    I don't care, I just don't. This fucking slays and there's simply nothing you can do about it.
    I love Alestorm and you should, too!
  14. All Paths Lead to Death (Remixed/mastered)
    by Amiensus
    Gehenna Gehenna
    This is the album that taught me black metal isn't all garage grade lo-fi garbage. While I've since changed my tune from all those years ago and enjoy some lo-fi BM, I may have never delved into the blackened crevasses of the metal world without it.
    Much respect.
  15. The Long Road North
    by Cult of Luna
  16. Onslaught of the Ancient Gods
    by Temple of Demigod
  17. Fishing For An Apparition
    by Iomair
    Last Buccaneers Of The Scarborough Inn Last Buccaneers Of The Scarborough Inn
    An eclectic and thoroughly intriguing experience from start till its close, Iomair have certainly captured my interest.
    Parallels between Willderun and Lör can surely be drawn (this has been done so by others, if perhaps a bit sensationalist) and is worthy of your time if said namedrops perk your ears.
  18. Vermillion Oceans
    by Credic
    Naturally, I saw the Melodic Death Metal tag and my arrogant bastard stood at attention. Yup, this is fucking fun and something any melodeath aficionado should absolutely give a try.
  19. Origins
    by Saor
    The vinyl pre-order dropped during my morning commute and thankfully was fully apprised of this the evening prior. I legitimately ordered this at a stoplight.
    Saor is just that worth it
  20. The Void Squadron
    by Moonshield