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  1. Messianic
    by Dark Divinity
    Dark Divinity scorches and salts the Melodic death genre with their savagery. Infusing an icy atmosphere, black metal tremolo’s and harsh vocal screeches craft a truly heavy melodeath record, uncommon in the metal world today.

    This is not your father’s Melodeath.
  2. Viperous
    by Vredehammer
    Aggressor Aggressor
    User Warning:
    Viperous may lead to severe neck injuries and/or possible brain damage from uncontrollable headbanging. Consumption of Viperous may also impair your ability to drive or operate machinery as your head uncontrollably spins round and round.
    Riffaholics should avoid this record as it will likely exacerbate symptoms or cause a relapse.
    You have been warned!
  3. Fire in the White Stone
    by Wolcensmen
    Lorn and Loath Lorn and Loath
    Wolcensmen is the pagan, neo-folk side project of Winterfylleth's Dan Capp. An uplifting, yet haunting experience as it conjures images of traverse snow engulfed forests and ancient ruins of religions long forgotten.
    It's also NYP, pick it up now!
  4. Distant Pixels
    by Subnuba
  5. Heart Wired, Part 2 (Original Soundtrack)
    by Volkor X
  6. Echoes of Dying Memories
    by Black Therapy
    Burning Abyss Burning Abyss
    Modern Melodeath has evolved since its inception, to the point where the “Melo” stands for melodic and melancholic. Black Therapy fully embrace the modern definition, suffusing their sound with somber atmospheres and an overarching gloom. This album is highly reminiscent of Dark Tranquillity’s ‘Atoma’ with grandiose choruses and mellifluous leads cascading atop classic melodeath rhythms.
  7. Cruel Words
    by Déhà
  8. The Fruit of Barren Fields
    by Dreichmere
    The Winterlong The Winterlong
    Dreichmere immediately evoke an (old) Opethian vibe with long-form songwriting and a highly progressive death metal feel infused with a litany of dreamy acoustic passages. While perhaps not as refined as Opeth, it’s promising harbinger of an new up-and-coming band and a worthy listen.
  9. Trollheims
    by Trollheims
  10. The Everlorn
    by Sinira
  11. Im Morgengrauen
    by walden
  12. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher
    by Valhalore
    The best cover of this song, yet.
  13. Appalachia
    I hate the cliché, but OSI and the Jupiter's 'Nordlige Rúnaskog' transported me back in time to a Scandinavian wilderness, where only gods and animals wander.
    I've faith this will do the same with a touch of Americana.
  14. Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjǫll né firðir
    by Árstíðir lífsins
  15. Visione
    by Iskhathron
    Iskhathron embody the inner machinations of an evil genius distilled into aural format. Harkening the creeping madness of DsO and the sheer what-the-fuckery of Dodecahedron, this album is challenging, demanding and uncomfortable. I find myself deep in the throes of Visione’s insanity.
    *Mental Asylum not included*
  16. Ignis Aeternum
    by Re-Armed
  17. Tales Of Isolation
    by AWITW
  18. Age of Aquarius
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
    Dance of Night Dance of Night
    How’d I miss this? Age of Aquarius fuses together the progressive stylings of modern Opeth, the psychedelic atmospherics of Pink Floyd and Mastodon’esque choruses on a foundation firmly built in stoner metal. Spacious stoner filled choruses give way to choppy prog riffs accompanied by strange flutes, which quickly transmogrify into doom-laden folky passageways.
    There’s a lot happening here in a good way.
  20. Edge of Eternity
    by Lör
    It's Lör and will be phenomenal. I hit buy before even listening, sadly I have to wait till tomorrow to hear it...