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  1. Name It
    by Bored Lord
  2. Flood City Trax
    by Nondi_
  3. Acid Dub Versions II
    by Om Unit
  4. Kwong
    by Knopha
    Mizu Le Goût Mizu Le Goût
    nice showcase of how music embodies contradiction: a busy album, crowded with ideas, is actually a simple, chill example of how deep house can move feet without bangers. i say chill but everything here is warm fuzz. digital device boots up and cruises, on its halcyon on and on. the vocal house tips work really nice. but the throwback aspect for me is the attention to the drum cycle. a norton-era, proto-house practice. kind of beat gen dream house? urban magical realism
  5. Mermaids
    by Natalia Beylis
    Black Sea, 1967 Black Sea, 1967
    i often compare ambient and atmospheric music to travel. music is motion, the song and the listener travel through time together, the notes follow each other across the page. and this album is drifting. it is floating, it is the noise the shore makes holding bodies of water. beautiful wandering through the gnarl. evokes ragas and pre-radio parlor music. the sound of sun dappled fractals coming apart and back together. love it
  6. failsafe
    by Temp-Illusion
    Clem Fandango Clem Fandango
    middle eastern digital hardstep. taps into the old school tension of cyberpunk, horror movie edge pushing the vibe up. but there’s a whimsy at work, so it drifts into territory a little more video game than movie soundtrack. despite the threatening veneer, this record is infectious because of its joy and drive. iran in the drum cycles, subtle and powerfully alive, lived, the beats roll. cycles more trance than minimal wave and trance more primary source than reinterpretation.
  7. SSS
    by CZN
    Compliance Crew Compliance Crew
    talking drums is the jazz idiom i think of the most when listening to the children of detroit techno, stuff like jungle and footwork. this taps into the same vibes, tension melodies and textural drums doing the driving, somewhere in the realm of dean blunt with extra vangelis. the drums are talking over each other, at the same time, in polyrhythm just barely tuned up with synth atmospherics. induces a trance state but not that kind of dance music. the closer you listen the more the sound blooms.
  8. Worst Behavior, Vol. 4
    by Worst Behavior Recs
  9. To The God Named Dream
    by Nathan Micay
    Hexagon Of Death Hexagon Of Death
    this is the sunrise heralding the end of an all-nighter. gentle cinematic victorious afterglow that melts pop songs over a video game skillet. the driving, head bobbing, big smile jams are all assembled from club music parts, but the vibe bounces from track to track, half of it beat generation midtempo steps and half of it gothy snes vaporwave. a sonic treat. reverb and precision. clean without being slick. a lot of personality but consistently focused on a sonic target. musical storytelling
  10. STRUGA
    by GIDIA
    Harppy End feat. mVell Harppy End feat. mVell
    the venn diagram of ethereal effervescence and omnious dread is a perfect circle, this magnificent slumbering monster is both horror movie keyed up and blissfully subdued. there is structure enough to carry, ancient influences really. mood aplenty. industrial ambient doesn't quite cover it. the setting is underground grotto not brooklyn warehouse but i hear black dice. more triangle records than wax trax but electronic goth. both engaging and dormant, aggro-chill, its contradictions compel me
  11. Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning
    by Chief Adjuah
    Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning
    definitely feeling a lot of african sublime frequencies trance rhythms. but also the "stretch music" fusion songwriting process is evoking a king crimson live sound like blk jks lakeside did. the traditional mardi gras indian music, i hear what paul simon or talking heads were trying to do with pop and i hear the connection from the french quarter to bahia and the gulf. paired with this sweeping take on world music and american blackness, a poetry of respect and urgency, weaving resistance
  12. Swells
    by K-LONE
    Volcane Volcane
    the tension is without stress, it's the feeling of being held by the beat. dream house not deep house, positive vibes. the sonic shimmer wash of the item shop, the mii plaza, or the ancient chill zone of the water temple. so a lot of sunshine headphone bobbers. a nice mixed feeling of electronic music and pop music done with electronic parts. reminds me of the octopus project or e vax. warm grooves in love with the buzz. give me those creative source 90s steppers
  13. Oonse 005
    by Nicky Scavo
    Slow To Fall In Love Slow To Fall In Love
    relentless, threatening, and goofy. the pace is a beat but the bounce is undeniably club music. this boss fight sequel to the italian dream house sound sells it by always going hard. tension in the vibe pushing up the power of the drums is something i like about og jungle and detroit house, the edge on these stompers is as just as sharp. music to juke to after you double cup
  14. INTL.PDCOMP002
    by Various Artists
    Fortunately Fortunately
    going on tour means every night linking up with a local musician who is making music for love of the beat, for the life of the scene. every night in a different town something unique drops on the dance floor that makes that show the one. a club experience you get. at the spot. and then it's gone. so here, then, is a mixtape of those moments, ten singular niche peaks
  15. Cease & Resist - Sonic Subversion & Anarcho Punk In The UK 1979-86
    by Optimo Music
    Revolution Revolution
    many voices many concerns many sounds many genres one enemy
  16. (Respectfully)
    by DJ SWISHA & Kush Jones
    serious amen business. i like the light touch, the freshness of the production makes this feel like the real instead of run homage. the jungle track whips. the deep house east coast kitchen wave take floats, as does the footwork, everything is gliding across the top instead of chopping through the middle the way detroit deep house does. this could be a creative source release from thirty years ago, relentlessly cerebral jams. the sauce
    by Beta Librae
    Weavers Weavers
    contemporary deep house, as in as fresh as fresh gets. it's NYC so real honest kitchen wave, listening techno. the slickness caught my ear, the pulsing reverb, it sounds like bristol broken beat, the other deep house permutation crushing today, but without the horror movie tension. DAYSTAR is chill in its looped pursuits of groove, even while banging and stomping.
  18. Orbweaving
    by Midwife & Vyva Melinkolya
    i do see the sunbleached skull glow faintly by the side of the desert road at night, heat still shimmering despite the presence of so much black and stars. i love that i can turn it up and up and the loudness never breaks pops the bubble. incredible heavy music of patient softness. despite the southwest i feel northeast, in a swirlies luxurious bags shoegaze way, and in a breeders shout whisper angel chorus. hits like the first warpaint ep on good pills. velvet and sadly blissed. huge presence.
  19. The Milk-Eyed Mender
    by Joanna Newsom
    upon this album's debut i found it incomparable. still mostly true, even with the rest of newsom's catalog in mind. the way the whole of space is filled up with two instruments, the bold brass scrapings of voice, real smoky karen dalton beauty, and the absolute floating majesty of the harp. the spare and the melancholy and the precision is very folk music. very nick drake, though joanna is much more confident than nick, her lyrics are bolder. reminds me of his mom. a magnificent work.
  20. Inner City Killers
    by SkyTwoHigh
    Inner City Killers Inner City Killers
    love the beat tape quality of drum production on this in combination with vaporwave. it's vaporwave culture more than the straight genre, a soundtrack made from a very specific, slightly imaginary timeperiod. combining a moody take on the genre with the incredible groove vibes of the throwback drums, it works so well. science fiction synths and house drums are what made techno and jungle, a history the vaporworld shares with real life. so yeah just top ranking fresh screw on sci fi music