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  1. Pepper Jacked
    by dogsplusplus
    Joothing Smelly Joothing Smelly
    Gently rocks your ears with sass and good panning.
  2. Modern Closure
    by 4mat
    The shape of passing cars The shape of passing cars
    It's the same technical capability from 4mat's other work but applied in a new, more varied way. While the tracks fit together well, each seems like it could have composed cities apart.
  3. Theater Of The Unheard
    by DarrellScott
    Miracle Of Living Miracle Of Living
    Even while plunging us into the tragedy of loneliness, we can't help but admire how Darrell Scott and co. do it. To take the track I highlighted, there are some lovely country/folk stylings (such as the pedagogical "you _never_ know") among the captivating story.
  4. Cave of Blinking Lights
    by Brother Android
  5. Creativity in the Workplace Part 1
    by Azuresands大麻
    Achievers Achievers
    Judicious use of jams, dialogue clips, and uneven beats and echo somehow make corporate hypocrisy and sincerity not seem like opposites. It is perfectly ridiculous but also moving.
  6. introducing neals
    by ytcracker
  7. Palm in Mirror
    by Disparition
  8. If We Live
    by Disparition
  9. "Rabbit Feet" / "Runner"
    by The Shortsleeves
  10. Songs From the Basewood
    by Andy Hentz & Alec Longstreth
  11. Middle Gothic
    by Dragon Warrior
  12. All You Can Do: LIVE! From the Regency
    by Watsky
  13. Invisible Inc.
    by Invisible Inc.
  14. Live! from the Troubadour
    by Watsky
  15. Nothing Like the First Time
    by Watsky
    Gummy Bear Hundrednaire Gummy Bear Hundrednaire
    One wouldn't expect in-your-face, goofy, and sentimental to be such a perfectly-blended mood, but it is, and executed precisely here by Watsky's rapid and fluid technique.
  16. Guilty Pleasures
    by Watsky
  17. Watsky & Mody
    by Watsky & Mody
  18. A New Kind of Sexy Mixtape
    by Watsky
  19. Give a Hater a Hug
    by Wax & Watsky
  20. déCollaboratory Extended Play
    by déCollage