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  1. Resurge To Pursue
    by Beheading The Incubus
  2. Approaching Thunder
    by We The Heathens
  3. Lost Kids
    by Stick and Poke
  4. Melodies For A Massacre
    by Atrocity Solution
  5. Leftöver Leftöver Crack: The E-Sides and F-sides
    by Leftover Crack
  6. Never Going Back
    by Stick and Poke
  7. Atomised
    by The Hyena Kill
  8. The Anorexic Olsen Twin
    by The Anorexic Olsen Twin
  9. Grave Mistakes
    by Dead Rejects
  10. Swidden
    by Blackbird Raum
    Honey in the Hair Honey in the Hair
    This Album is a great addition to the sadly very unknown genre that is folk punk.
  11. Hiræth
    by Rail Yard Ghosts
    Call of the Void Call of the Void
    The Atmosphere, the story... I really fell in love with this Album.
    by Days N Daze
  13. Run Your Pockets
    by No-Cash
  14. Days N' Daze//Broken Bow Split
    by Days N' Daze, Broken Bow and Brando Chemtrails
  15. Downers
    by Dead Rejects
  16. Screaming By Myself
    by Dead Rejects
  17. Regicide
    by We The Heathens
    Radio Radio
    Fantastic Album through and through. Can't say enough good things about this. Especially the song Radio, even though I found this pretty recently, i get this feeling of home and nostalgia when I hear this song.
  18. We The Heathens
    by We The Heathens
    Here's To The Mayans Here's To The Mayans
    The first Album I bough from We the Heathens and oh boy! As soon as the first Song started playing I just knew this is gonna be one of my favorite bands.
  19. The Blood Behind The Dam
    by We The Heathens
    Faith Upon The False Faith Upon The False
    Great and talented musicians with awesome lyrics and a great sense of momentum and atmosphere. This Album just delivers all a folk punk heart could ever ask for.
  20. It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through (2003)
    by Jeffrey Lewis