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  1. Stars Misaligned
    by Enigma
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    Of Vile and Bliss Of Vile and Bliss
    This EP makes me wish that Necrophagist would have released a third album.

    This is beautiful tech-death, far away from any fretboard-wankery.
  2. Enslaved in Servitude
    by Acrucé Mortem
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    Enslaved in Servitude Enslaved in Servitude
  3. "Living Hell" EP
    by Deathcrown
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    God Is A Lie God Is A Lie
    Raw hammering old school death metal with a lot of groove.
  4. Eternal
    by Carnivora
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    Into The Cage Into The Cage
    One word: Groovey !
  5. The Vision
    by Carnivora
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    A Vision In Red A Vision In Red
    consequential development compared to Eternal. Some really nice catchy melodies.
  6. Destroy the Titan - EP
    by Destroy the Titan
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    Conquer Them All Conquer Them All
    Sweet, straight foward death metal / deathcore with a melodic touch to it and some face melting breakdowns.
    Absolutely love the drumming and vocals from those guys.
  7. Dissentient
    by AngelMaker
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    A Dark Omen A Dark Omen
  8. Reality Relinquished
    by A Trust Unclean
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    Enucleation Enucleation
  9. Demons
    by Bloodshot Dawn
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    The Image Faded The Image Faded
    Really good melodic death metal paired with some exquisite solos.
  10. Song of the Crippled Bull
    by Black Crown Initiate
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    The Mountain Top The Mountain Top
    love this, for its rythmical and melodic diversity.
  11. Universe Mute
    by Enthrope
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    Sunken Sun Sunken Sun
    Great dark and atmospheric music paired with moments of sheer beauty.
  12. Desolation
    by Your Last Wish
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    Creep Creep
    Fast and violent pulsing melodic death metal. Really great vocals and some catchy melodic riffs.
  13. That Night a Forest Grew
    by The Odious
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    Last Night a Forest Grew (Part Two) Last Night a Forest Grew (Part Two)
    Weird sound and an unconventional instrumentation (e.g. 12 String Guitar) but great mixture between guttural and clean vocals paired with a great musical diversity ranging from the typical death metal to some really surprising jazz tunes.
  14. Joint Ventures
    by The Odious
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    Ancestral Perplexities Ancestral Perplexities
    More of the stuff from the first album "That Night a Forest Grew". Really surprising and unexpectable musical patterns. Truly refreshing amount of creativity.