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  1. Dust: An Elysian Tail - Original Soundtrack
    by HyperDuck SoundWorks
    Abadis Forest Abadis Forest
  2. Dark Matter
    by Les Friction
  3. Remember Me
    by Olivier Deriviere
    Nilin the Memory Hunter Nilin the Memory Hunter
    One of the most unique and creative soundtracks ever composed, and one of my absolute favorite video game soundtracks.
  4. Among The Sleep OST
    by Krillbite Studio
    Radio Radio
  5. Shardlight Soundtrack
    by Nathaniel Chambers
    Pray That The Reaper Comes Pray That The Reaper Comes
  6. Parinae
    by Sleeping Bear
    Callis Callis
  7. Splatunes!
    by GameChops
    Kid Now, Squid Now! Kid Now, Squid Now!
  8. OneShot Soundtrack
    by Nightmargin (Casey Gu), ft Eliza Velasquez and Michael Shirt
    On Little Cat Feet On Little Cat Feet
  9. Tick Tock Isle
    by Kevin Carville
    Its Cloudy Outside Its Cloudy Outside
  10. Chansons tristes pour Noël
    by Cœur de pirate
    Noël sous les tropiques Noël sous les tropiques
  11. Breath of the Wild
    by Marc Jungermann
    An incredible, original tribute to The Legend of Zelda series and its music.
  12. SkullPogo: Original Soundtrack
    by Josh Whelchel
    John Skulltrane (Menu Theme) John Skulltrane (Menu Theme)
    The world needs more vampiric jazz. That is all.
  13. In Another Castle
    by Jimmy Wong
    I don't know how to stop listening to this. Seriously. Please help me.
  14. Angel In The Ashes
    by Project Aegis
    The second inter-band collaboration from Ulterium Records. Once again, "Project Aegis" delivers an amazing song written by Theocracy frontman Matt Smith and performed by an incredibly talented cast of musicians. Recommended to any metal fan.
  15. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
    Vignette: Panacea Vignette: Panacea
  16. Hue Official Soundtrack
    by Alkis Livathinos
    With Compliments (Hue Credits) With Compliments (Hue Credits)
  17. The Dead of Winter
    by Lindsay Schoolcraft
    Frozen (Madonna Cover) Frozen (Madonna Cover)
    An incredible symphonic metal tribute to everyone's favorite season of coldness and death.
  18. Solitude
    by Marc Jungermann
    Solitary is a story with few words. A soundtrack to a tale that hasn't been told. It showcases both beauty and darkness in a single, extraordinary piece.
  19. Infinite (Original Soundtrack)
    by Mike Raznick
    Liftoff Liftoff
  20. Storm Rider
    by Arkiture
    Arkiture's music is beautiful and fills you with awe.
  21. Once Upon A Time
    by HyperDuck SoundWorks
    Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time
    A genre-bending classic that will rock your cowboy boots off.
  22. Adventures in Pixels
    by Ben Landis
    Breakthrough Breakthrough
  23. Ori and the Blind Forest (Additional Soundtrack)
    by Gareth Coker
    Main Theme - Definitive Edition Main Theme - Definitive Edition
  24. I Ship It | Original Soundtrack
    by Yulin Kuang | Film Soundtracks
    Horcruxes | Mary Kate Wiles | Performance Version Horcruxes | Mary Kate Wiles | Performance Version
    I Ship It is a great short film that features some cool original songs. If you have 20 spare minutes of time, check it out.
  25. Retro City Rampage Soundtrack
    by virt, Freaky DNA and Norrin Radd
    Retro City Rampage Title Song (virt) Retro City Rampage Title Song (virt)
  26. Crypt of the NecroDancer - Freestyle Retro
    by Jake Kaufman
    Disco Descent (1-1 Remix) Disco Descent (1-1 Remix)
    Jake Kaufman + Crypt of the NecroDancer. I need not say more; you're already sold.
  27. I Will Make It
    by Yungtown & Garrett Williamson
    Far from my favorite Yungtown song, but it's good and I'm more than happy to support him.
    by Yungtown
    This is why Yungtown is the greatest rapper ever.
  29. Uncharted
    by Synthphonia
    The Last Flight The Last Flight
    An epic album of symphonic greatness. Highly enjoyable; definitely recommended.
  30. Three Old Stones
    by Chris Christodoulou
    Fragmentation Fragmentation
    More music from Chris Christodoulou is never a bad thing.
  31. Triforce Rap
    by Yungtown
    Yungtown is simultaneously one of the greatest YouTube content creators I've ever watched, and one of the most talented and intelligent rappers I've ever listened to. This piece is absolutely brilliant.
  32. Camelot
    by Brandon Fiechter
    Camelot Camelot
  33. bit Dungeon 2 OST
    by Stress_TN and KINTOGAMES
    Senseless war Senseless war
    The awesome chiptune soundtrack to bit Dungeon II that I never would've thought would fit if I hadn't played the game and experienced it myself.
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  34. Exodus EP
    by Arkiture
    Anomaly Anomaly
    I bought this album because I listened to the other album I own by Arkiture, and I was immediately reminded of just how incredible his music is. I had a sudden need to own more, and it was worth it.
  35. Texas Werewolf (OST)
    by Jupiter-8
    End End
    If this movie actually existed, I would probably hate it. Not my kind of story. Instead, I just get to listen to the sweet score of what could have been. For once I don't feel ashamed for listening to the soundtrack of a movie I haven't seen.
  36. Cossbysweater
    by Allie Goertz
    Covfefe Covfefe
    A fantastic collection of nerdy songs. Allie Goertz appeared as a guest musician on a show I watch and left me considerably impressed. I bought the album, and here we are. Oh, and in addition to all the great original songs, the album also includes pretty much the greatest cover song ever.
  37. Whispers
    by Arkiture
    The Traveler The Traveler
    I always seem to forget how great this album is, and then I listen to it again and remember pretty darn quickly. Absolutely beautiful collection of music.
  38. Roses
    by Cœur de pirate
    Oceans Brawl Oceans Brawl
    I adore Cœur de pirate. I love the lyrical poetry of her English songs, and the grace and fluidity of her French songs. The moment I heard she was releasing a bilingual album, I dropped everything and preordered it. I was most definitely not disappointed.
  39. Armistice
    by Armistice
    Mission Bells Mission Bells
    Béatrice Martin (Cœur de pirate) and Jay Malinowski collaborate to create Armistice, an album of great music and superb harmonization.
  40. Tower of Heaven Cover Album
    by Foilverb
    The Lonely Tower feat.Tomoko Asaka The Lonely Tower feat.Tomoko Asaka
    An enjoyable compilation of Tower of Heaven soundtrack covers.
  41. The Next Penelope - OST
    by The Next Penelope - A.Regard
    160BPM Violins (old tape mix) 160BPM Violins (old tape mix)
    A sweet electronic soundtrack to complement an insanely fun game. Definitely recommended.
  42. Wanderlust
    by Wind Wolf
    The Wolf The Wolf
    Wanderlust is one of the most beautiful and melodic instrumental albums I've ever discovered. I am so happy I stumbled across it. God bless Bandcamp.
  43. Les Friction
    by Les Friction
    Sunday Sunday
    Les Friction is an incredible piece of art. A spectacular rock opera filled with cinematic sounds and amazing writing and vocals.
  44. TowerFall Dark World
    by Alec Holowka
    Darkfang Darkfang
    Alec Holowka's return to the world of TowerFall is sweeping and epic. Getting to hear these new tracks is almost as exciting as getting to play the new levels that they accompany.
  45. The Calling (ft. Claudia White)
    by Marcus Warner
    The Calling (ft. Claudia White) The Calling (ft. Claudia White)
    A beautiful and inspiring song.