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  1. Odds and Ends for All My Friends
    by rj lake
  2. Mr. Bucket Told Me Tunes
    by rj lake
  3. Bye Donald (Trump in Stripes Forever)
    by Brentalfloss
  4. The Prophecy
    by Ninja Sex Party
  5. Ultimate Songs From The Pit
    by Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire
    Rarest of Elements Rarest of Elements
    It's almost impossible to pick a favorite from this jam-packed banger apocalypse, but Rarest, Hobby, Gun, Memphis, Model, Base, and Boot Straps deserve special highlights.
  6. 4th of July
    by Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire
    4th of July (Alternate Mix) 4th of July (Alternate Mix)
    This mix really brings together all the best features and the mood of the original song into something way stranger and more liminal.
  7. Do Sex Remix
    by Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire
    Do Sex (Double Ice Backfire Remix) Do Sex (Double Ice Backfire Remix)
    "I'mma do a bunch of weird stuff to your body" line of the year every year.
  8. Over The Top
    by TWRP
    Black Swan (feat. Dan Avidan) Black Swan (feat. Dan Avidan)
    Gigantic sci-fi rock opera epics will always have a place in my heart.
  9. Saint Bernard
    by Lincoln
    Saint Bernard (Sam Means Remix) Saint Bernard (Sam Means Remix)
  10. Paradise Killer Original Soundtrack
    by Barry "Epoch" Topping
    The Lemegeton Bop The Lemegeton Bop
  11. Liar Liar
    by M'aiq
  12. Darkness Sure Becomes This City
    by Joy KIlls Sorrow
  13. This Unknown Science
    by Joy KIlls Sorrow
  14. Wide Awake
    by Joy KIlls Sorrow
    Was It You Was It You
    One of my favorite songs in anything resembling this genre, with a style so unique it's hard to find other similar works.
  15. "Numbers Of The Beast" (2020)
    by Richard Cheese
  16. Cover Charge: NC Artists Go Under Cover to Benefit Cat's Cradle
    by Cover Charge
  17. Gone Fishin' EP
    by Abdominal
    Da Innernet Da Innernet
    'Da Innernet' is what MC Frontalot's Net Split could have been if that album weren't terrible: Always glad to hear new Abdominal tracks.
    by The Dresden Dolls
  19. Keytar Your Heart
    by Brett Domino
    Bin Guy (a Song Containing Exclusively Three Letter Words) Bin Guy (a Song Containing Exclusively Three Letter Words)
    Rock solid album collecting a bunch of new and old Brett hits! One quibble? The studio version of 'Penelope' is really muddled, the instruments overwhelm the vocals, and the new lyrics aren't better than the original.
  20. Now Or Never (Digital Download)
    by Mystery Skulls