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  1. Never Not Never Not Never Not
    by Rosie Tucker
  2. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
    B3 - Quiet internal rebellions B3 - Quiet internal rebellions
    Will give you a long-lost nostalgia for the 1930s, until it wrenches that from your grasp and your sense of self fades... f a d e s . . . a w a y . . .
  3. Compassion
    by Forest Swords
    The Highest Flood The Highest Flood
  4. Psychopomp
    by Japanese Breakfast
    Jane Cum Jane Cum
    Stumbled upon JBrekkie while working sound at the Irenic in SD and fell in love! Michelle's story adds even more melancholic nostalgia to the sounds of this dreamy album. Worth it 100%.
  5. Nocturne EP
    by Alfa Mist
    08. Dreams (Feat. Carmody) 08. Dreams (Feat. Carmody)
    I keep thinking I like Antiphon better...and then I listen to this album.
  6. Engravings
    by Forest Swords
    The Weight of Gold The Weight of Gold
  7. cascade symmetry
    by r beny
    vestigial vestigial
    The chill of club soda in winter mist as sea spray splashes at your feet and the power lines hum amid the pines.
  8. soon it will be cold enough
    by emancipator
    anthem anthem
    A bittersweet, symphonious collection of birch woodcuts for the phonograph.
  9. anorexic pig farmer commits suicide
    by connor farrimond
  10. Maps
    by Billow
    Low Low
  11. Damaged Interface
    by Rashida Prime
  12. The Much Much How How & I
    by Cosmo Sheldrake
  13. Sensorimotor
    by Lusine