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  1. Listen/Image
    by Arthur Krumins
  2. The Sleepwheel
    by House Wind
  3. Continuity
    by Arthur Krumins
  4. Silver Joy
    by Damien Jurado
  5. A. Kostis - The Jail's A Fine School
    by A. Kostis
  6. Kostas Bezos and the White Birds
    by Kostas Bezos and the White Birds
  7. World's Fair
    by Julian Lage
  8. Littlefolk
    by Mount Maxwell
    From intently listing, enveloping texture-scape to warmly glowing focused b-line glide through the deepest and oldest misty/sunlit wilderness. Impelled by rich, satisfying percussive propulsion. There's a reductive description of my experience. A deeply inspired, inspiring record!
  9. Pacific City
    by Shelley Short
  10. Whisky Story Time
    by Alabaster dePlume
  11. Carrying
    by Sally Anne Morgan
  12. Death Is Bitter
    by Markos Vamvakaris
  13. Is The Forest I Long For A Dream?
    by Arthur Krumins
  14. Hot Town
    by Tuba Skinny
  15. Songs For The Living End
    by House Wind
  16. Orb-Weaver
    by Magic Tuber Stringband
  17. No Connection
    by Arthur Krumins
  18. Evening Measures
    by Mike Gangloff
  19. Go Tell Merlin
    by Richard Catwrangleur
  20. Actually, You Can
    by Deerhoof