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Arash Arfazadeh

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  1. Ugglesedd
    by Ugglesedd
    Giallo Giallo
  2. Second Woman
    by Second Woman
    700358bc5 700358bc5
    this is haute couture for the ears.
  3. Hypnagogia
    by Dopplereffekt / Objekt
    Ganzfeld Ganzfeld
    Incredible sense of momentum, exquisite balance of freedom and improvised details that keeps on tickling. Deep and vibrant at the same time. Objekt must have had an incredible rush upon finishing this track. One of the best electro tracks I've ever heard. SEXY. DELICATE.
  4. Contact
    by Aleksi Perälä
    UK74R1619200 UK74R1619200
    The only flaw of this album is that it is too short. at first glance it may seem like just your average ambient music, but it soon opens up to what I despite my atheism only can explain as a spiritual plane. The transparency and light is immense. Healing in its truest sense, this record makes me feel like everything will be okay in the end.
  5. Connection
    by Aleksi Perälä
    UK74R1619010 UK74R1619010
  6. Unknown
    by Aleksi Perälä
    UK74R1620010 UK74R1620010
  7. The Archive Album
    by Jonte'