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  1. Three Going on Four
    by Shirese
  2. Arc Minutes
    by Rob Noyes
  3. Mad Nanna/Bibs Midwest U.S.A 2013
    by mad nanna/bibs
  4. Anthroprophh - German Oak
    by Anthrprophh
  5. Tomorrow Cleaners
    by The Lavender Flu
  6. Circulus Vitiosus Deus
    by skullflower
  7. Zandor
    by skullflower
  8. Just say yes...
    by skullflower
  9. The Left Outsides - A Place To Hide
    by The Left Outsides
  10. The Left Outsides - Are You Sure I Was There
    by The Left Outsides
  11. Monoshock - Runnin' Ape Like From The Backwards Superman (2xLP)
    by Monoshock
  12. Bad Trip In Petra
    by Costes
  13. Ram
    by skullflower
  14. Munehiro Narita - Live P.S.F (Psychedelic San Francisco)
    by Munehiro Narita
  15. Naujawanan Baidar - Volume 1&2
    by Naujawanan Baider
  16. 18th Day Of May - S/T Retrospective
    by The 18th Day Of May
  18. Knuckleball Express
    by The Howling Hex
    City In The Country City In The Country
    Neil promised a more accessible listen with this new LP, and he delivers though there's plenty of weirdness too. Might win over some new fans to the underrated HH project, while keeping fans of his post-Trux work satisfied. New lineup of the band this time around, Kristine's vocals are great and reminiscent of Eleanor Whitmore from their "Earth Junk" LP. I do miss Eric Leuven's unique drumming and rhythms, but that style was probably perfected on "Denver", and this LP is a solid new direction
  19. Dire Wolves - Flow and Heady
    by Dire Wolves
  20. Mystery Meet
    by The Cherry Blossoms