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  1. Glow City
    by Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack
  2. I just like Magnets
    by Adi "Blingley" Saikkonen
  3. Acquainted with the Light : Excursions through the World Within
    by similarobjects
  4. Songs for Dismemberment: Shi
    by Radio Wire Empire
  5. Songs for Dismemberment: Sei
    by Radio Wire Empire
  6. Life in Monochrome
    by Flying Batteries
  7. Let
    by Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack
  8. roboteyes
    by roboteyes
    Supernatural Supernatural
    I've been waiting for this EP since robotoeyes released "Supernatural" out into the wild to fend for itself. Love their sound so much that it borders on the unhealthy / slightly creepy. Nonetheless, great stuff. Looking forward to more!
  9. Collected Disappointments
    by mattir & Flying Batteries
    Bodies Are Cemeteries Bodies Are Cemeteries
    To be completely honest, I just love the title of the split EP. I mean, the songs in it are a great bonus, but it's the title that makes it. LOL.
  10. Dance.
    by StratosFear
    Parachute Parachute
    I love it when musicians take a walk outside their comfort zone, and in this EP StratosFear not only walks but runs a marathon. For an artist whose sound is almost instantly recognizable as his, this willingness to go beyond is not only noteworthy but admirable as well.
  11. Slew
    by Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack
    Out From Underground Alive Out From Underground Alive
    You'd think that Trouble Sleeping? would overshadow this release, and you'd be able to argue that opinion successfully -- except Slew has "Out From Underground Alive," one of my favorite WGWGSA songs, ever (a trum card if I ever saw one!). Great LP as usual, but that song just knocked it out of the park for me.
  12. Re:Kappa
    by Rekapper
    Drifting Lounges Drifting Lounges
    I may never completely understand how to use a DAW like Rekapper does, but I doubt my appreciation for his music is suffering from the lack of knowledge. I love putting his music on during a party -- it gets people's attention without being harsh/intrusive.
  13. Sans Saveur
    by Viktor Disque
    Déjà Vu Déjà Vu
    Finally! This LP should have come out ages ago. Love Viktor DIsque's sound, always have. Can't deny that disco and his music ALWAYS makes me dance -- and I don't even like dancing!
  14. Seasons EP
    by StratosFear
    Approaching Summer Approaching Summer
    Concept releases are my weakness, and they add so much more to a project (in my humble opinion). It works in this EP, for sure.
  15. OTTER
    by mattir
    You Trusted Me You Trusted Me
    Listening to this EP for the first time was a truly unforgettable experience. I can't imagine how bleeps bloops can evoke such strong emotions, but mattir's managed that and more with this debut. One of the best debuts I've ever listened to, no lie.
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  16. Marionette
    by Flying Batteries
    Marionette Marionette
    Love the story of the title single of this EP. Really proves that time and effort make all the difference, because "Marionette" is a great song!
  17. Rekapper LP
    by Rekapper
    Jungle Water Jungle Water
    More people should listen to Rekapper! He gets so little recognition for what he does, it's simply ridiculous. This LP was my introduction to his music.
  18. Color & Colour EP
    by Radio Wire Empire
    Corpus of Qoholeth Corpus of Qoholeth
    A great EP in itself, but with every passing month (and year!) since its release it's becoming more and more the incarnation of an unfulfilled promise -- a question mark instead of a full stop. (Still patiently waiting for that album, RWE.)