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  1. The Pie-Love Sky
    by Jodi Shaw
    The President Knows The President Knows
  2. Fun With Music
    by a.P.A.t.T.
    Take The Bait Take The Bait
    Holy heck. Masterpiece, everything! However, I admit I play this other-worldly dating tune most. Like inter-dimensional dating. Absolutely. Yes. Like an old Waitresses tune stood on its head and applied to quantum theory. Wonderful!!!!!
  3. Black & White Mass
    by a.P.A.t.T.
    Happiness Happiness
    There is not one thing wrong with this entire work. I cannot pick a favorite easily but Happiness, gosh, yes, it is! Well, the music part of it is tremendous, the rest is terrifyingly haunting! OMG! Still, it captivates me. Thank you!
  4. The Whole World Window + Bonus Tracks
    by The Whole World Window Compilation
    Squaller (Squalid Demo) Squaller (Squalid Demo)
    This expanded my horizons and blew my mind. It also made me so very happy this little pondie could keep the boss placated for a while longer. Whew. Oh, and this introduced me to my new love, Squaller! It is fantastic!
  5. [Citation Needed]
    by The Attery Squash
    If It's Too Stupid To Be Said, It's Sung If It's Too Stupid To Be Said, It's Sung