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Apple Moog

  1. Rock
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    by G.L.O.S.S.
  2. Trash Cat / Tear Off/Clean Up
    by Trash Cat
  3. Cat Midway
    by Cat Midway
  4. The Angle of Eternity
    by Cruthu
  5. Master of Delusion
    by The Swill
    This record is cool. If you like great riffs and Hugetime drums you will buy it
  6. Blind To Reason
    by Seritas
  7. Choose Death EP
    by Minus9
  8. Something You Find in the Dumpster
    by The Free Life
  9. Disinformants EP
    by Disinformants
  10. And The Kitchen Sink (Demos)
    by Cat Midway
    Thank you for the honest jams. It's always something I can turn to to feel genuine love of music. Yes I said to to 💚
  11. Self Titled EP
    by Bubak
  12. Hordes (2015)
    by Hordes
  13. Late Warning
    by Anvil Crawler
  14. Valley of the Sick & the Stupid
    by Minus9
  15. Harder Dude Stuff
    by The Hunky Newcomers
    It's Penis Time It's Penis Time
  16. Backswimmer EP
    by A Deer A Horse
  17. Drown
    by Minus9
  18. Oracle
    by The Arrangement
  19. All The World
    by The Arrangement