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  1. Skyward
    by Forming the Void
    Three Eyed Gazelle Three Eyed Gazelle
  2. The Sachem's Tales
    by Dzö-nga
    The Wolves Fell Quiet The Wolves Fell Quiet
  3. Relic
    by Forming the Void
    The Endless Road The Endless Road
  4. Radiation
    by Impure Wilhelmina
    Great Falls Beyond Death Great Falls Beyond Death
  5. Urraca
    by Sunless
    Born of Clay Born of Clay
  6. Ashen Blood
    by Green Druid
    Pale Blood Sky Pale Blood Sky
  7. Ascension
    by Amiensus
    What Words Create What Words Create
  8. Voyage Into Eternity
    by Valhalore
    Voyage Into Eternity Voyage Into Eternity
  9. Gathering
    by Amiensus, Oak Pantheon
    Arise Arise
  10. The Circle
    by Heretoir
    Golden Dust Golden Dust
  11. Trance Of Death
    by Venenum
    Trance Of Death, Part III: There Are Other Worlds... Trance Of Death, Part III: There Are Other Worlds...
    Venenum have showcased their talent with a maelstrom of delectable death metal. Trance of Death is completely engulfed by the sheer magnitude of its' flawless riffs. The album has a distinct fluidity, melting and re-sculpting itself with such diversity, never tedious and always exacting. Truly a quintessential release to be enjoyed and emulated.
  12. Tarot
    by Aether Realm
    The Sun, The Moon, The Star The Sun, The Moon, The Star
    I'll quantify what's so great about this album. Everything... absolutely everything; the production is amazing, the mix/master is exceedingly dynamic breathing life into every layer. The music itself is relentlessly engaging, heavy, catchier than the common cold, bundled with a feel of originality. This is the apex of the folk/melodeath metal genres and my current Album of the Year.
  13. Chained To Oblivion
    by Spirit Adrift
    Form and Force Form and Force
    A monumental doom/sludge album. Austere and relentlessly melancholic, Spirit Adrift has taken doom metal and augmented its' laudable features.
    And a one-man-band to boot!
  14. Heljarkviða
    by Árstíðir lífsins
    Heljarkviða II: Helgrindr brotnar Heljarkviða II: Helgrindr brotnar
    Like the land from which this band hails, Heljarkviða is a reflection of its' harsh landscape; hauntingly stark and cold, fused with a conflagration of blackened metal savagery.
    A phenomenal release steeped in Icelandic history.

  15. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
    Thousand Hands Thousand Hands
    A soundtrack to spacefaring exploration. Like the limitless stars in the sky Elder delivers virtually as many riffs, gliding frictionlessly from one celestial riff to the next. This may be the apex of the stoner/prog genre.
    A stellar release from a band with astronomical talent.
  16. All Paths Lead to Death
    by Amiensus
    Gehenna Gehenna
    An absolutely devastating release. This album brings the classic black metal experience up to date, with sharp production, a mercilessly blackened sound and inexorable precision.
    His Infernal Majesty is pleased I'm sure.
  17. Futility Report
    by White Ward
    Futility Report Futility Report
    There's something to be said for the first to try something new, then there's the first to master it; White Ward is the latter.
    Cold blackened metal intertwined amongst the warm glow of the saxophone. Never out of place, the sax augments the melancholy and desolate feeling Futility Report elicits.
  18. Winter
    by Fen
    I (Pathway) I (Pathway)
    Winter weaves a portrait of a murky and downtrodden landscape lost to the world in a shroud of gloom. From mired acoustic passages and the harrowing crescendos, traversing this doomy and atmospheric black metal release is a feat well worth every step.
  19. Dreaming of Sleep
    by Tetrafusion
    Perfect Silence Perfect Silence
    Tetrafusion have managed to capture what I love about Haken, all while crafting something wholly their own. A colossal effort with ubiquitous riffage, and a fantastic progressive sensibility.
  20. Fraught With Peril
    by Khemmis/Spirit Adrift
    Khemmis - A Conversation with Death Khemmis - A Conversation with Death
    I see Khemmis and I start tossing my money around like the Wolf of Wallstreet. After their album Hunted released late 2016, they've quickly become one of my favorite bands
  21. Ulsect
    by Ulsect
    Our Trivial Toil Our Trivial Toil
    Beginning to end, the album demands your attention, thrusting it into a death-roll. Intimidating, lavishly heavy and dark, with moments of lucidity like the glint of light at the end of the tunnel, but with Ulsect relentlessly dragging you into the abyss.
    I'm perfectly happy to live down here.
  22. Empires of Ash
    by Sojourner
    Heritage of the Natural Realm Heritage of the Natural Realm
    Sojourner have woven a symphonic tapestry with the echoes of a fantastic and distant land. Like the whispers of an empire lost to time manifest in music, where nature and time are reclaiming what is theirs.
    A towering example of an avant-garde, folk and black metal fusion with stunning production.
  23. Kelle Surut Soi
    by Havukruunu
    Kelle Surut Soi Kelle Surut Soi
    Evokes a sense of impending sorrow. The realization which engulfs the mind before a battle - you or those you know, may not survive the day.
    Kelle Surut Soi is as blackened and heavy as it is emotive. This is something you want.
  24. Restarter
    by Torche
    Minions Minions
  25. Pillars of Ash
    by Black Tusk
    God's On Vacation God's On Vacation
    I happen to come across this album on vinyl on Record Store day and purchased on a whim. Turned out to be a great gamble; thrashy-sludge metal with punk vocals done right!
  26. Unortheta
    by ZHRINE
    Utopian Warfare Utopian Warfare
    A truly portentous album. Evoking a feeling of desolation as it ominously creeps from one blackened crescendo to the next. With such fantastic production, even this album's most eruptive and discordant moments are clear and precise.
  27. Unity
    by Skyforest
    A Graceful Spirit A Graceful Spirit
    Every track has a climactic feel, as if an epic saga is coming to a close; exceedingly theatrical without ever coming across as melodramatic.
    Skyforest has translated Black Metal into a very accessible and atmospheric format.
  28. Atlas
    by FM-84
    Jupiter Jupiter
    This may be the perfect soundtrack to cruising along a Southern California beach. I'd describe this music as if Tycho made music in 1985. I really dig it.
  29. Scryers of the Ibis
    by Ovid's Withering
    Murder to Dissect Murder to Dissect
    Blackened Symphonic Metal created with the exacting precision of the Tech Death genre; blended together with the mythological Greeks and some Djent passages. A little something nice for every vice.
  30. Blue Record (Deluxe Version)
    by Baroness
    Swollen and Halo Swollen and Halo
    Swollen with heavy and enticing grooves, this permanent resident of 'Riffsville' has an originality still emulated today. The sludge metal genre's crown jewel.
  31. Heart of Akamon
    by Nechochwen
    Skyhook Skyhook
    Lush and majestic in every sense of the words. Brimming with copious metallic crescendos, adroit acoustic passages harkening to old Opeth and the use of ancestral native American instruments creates a unique and original experience.
  32. Kwintessens
    by Dodecahedron
    HEXAHEDRON - Tilling The Human Soil HEXAHEDRON - Tilling The Human Soil
    A strangely harrowing experience in the best possible way. From the actively distressing sounds, to the markedly amazing musicianship. I can only be in awe of the sounds, the noises and the lurking brutality.
  33. Ghostlands - Wounds From a Bleeding Earth
    by Wormwood
    Tidh ok Ödhe Tidh ok Ödhe
    Forcing the Black Metal genre to a whole new level. Very multi-faceted with hints of nordic folk and a fantastic progressive feel. The greatest amalgam of nordic and black metal I've heard in ages.
  34. Downfall and Rebirth
    by Northland
    Downfall And Rebirth Downfall And Rebirth
    A killer concept album, executed in majestic form. Akin to Equlibrium's opus "Sagas", containing superior writing prowess paired with distinct viking folk influences.
  35. Ruins of Empires
    by Aeternam
    Damascus Gate Damascus Gate
    An album wrought with excellent songwriting and a powerful reliance on eastern melodies. Nearly flawless in it's execution and impeccable balance while avoiding the banality of some ethnic-metal fusions.
  36. Blessed He With Boils (2012)
    by Xanthochroid
    Long Live Our Lifeless King Long Live Our Lifeless King
    A hint of melodic, a dash of progressive, a smattering of symphonic, and a pinch of epic; all cleanly baked into a massively blackened metal pie few could manage.
    (Fans of O(ld)peth will enjoy)
  37. Lemanis
    by Spaceslug
    Proton Lander Proton Lander
    Riding a smokey cloud of groove where space and time collide. Slow, deliberate, and sludgy, let the music take you there - at a slug's pace.
  38. Guardians
    by Saor
    Hearth Hearth
    Guardians is bewitching; an aural experience of the highest caliber. A soundtrack of the highlands of Scotland, by fusing authentic Scottish folk instruments with healthy black metal.
  39. A Frozen Flame Of Ice
    by Far Beyond
    Evernight - Part I Evernight - Part I
    Amazingly crafted epic/melodic metal with an overarching fantasy element. A genre easily made melodramatic, however in the capable hands of Eugene Dodenhoeft, this one-man project proves itself worthy of high praise.
  40. Thanatos
    by Whalerider
    Thanatos Thanatos
  41. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    The Garden of Fire The Garden of Fire
    Favorite Track: All of It
    Favorite Album: Yes