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  1. moi
    by zohryu
  2. Hardcore Circulator Vol.1
    by Hardcore Circulator
  3. The Return Of The Shadow
    by Battlelore
    So glad to see Battlelore back making music. I've been a fan of theirs since before Evernight was released, and used to talk to the band on the forum on their website way back then. Such a fantastic group of musicians. This album is amazing. Homecoming is my favorite track by far. Kaisa's voice is still as lovely as ever.
  4. Vintage Emotion
    by Login Records
  5. Everything Hertz LP
    by Sinister Souls
  6. Another Day
    by Shadow Sect, Mollie Collins & Dropset ft. Marianna Ray
  7. Wave for Dream
    by HAMA/Hmt2
  8. Nocturnalite
    by Rusty Atrium / idzuchi
  9. Slipstream EP
    by NASHURI
  10. Ruby Paradigm
    by yuuni
  11. Sugar Rush
    by yuuni
  12. Falling
    by Magnetude
  13. Khaosnet Civilization Vol.3
    by Artificial World Records
    This album is so good.
    Best track is tied between Recollection and Gordon's Eye. Everything Kokomochi and Polaritia make is amazing.
  14. aquamarine
    by Lockey
  15. miserable feeling
    by Hardcore Circulator
    Forgotten Pieces Forgotten Pieces
    Everything Sho--nan does is amazing. He never disappoints, so I'll always support him, and any album he's featured on.
  16. Grace The Lie
    by Gears Of The Apparatus
  17. Everlasting
    by Gears Of The Apparatus
    by LV.4
  19. Voices of Nibiru Vol.1
    by Artificial World Records
    Shadowcasting Shadowcasting
    Polaritia is a god. Usually Kokomochi is leagues ahead on his tracks; but Polaritia is right there with him. They're truly too good.
  20. Regenerate one's own world
    by Artificial World Records