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  1. Punk
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  1. hymns for the scorned
    by awakebutstillinbed
    by Slumped
    Sometimes Sometimes
    I come back to this album all the time, it really is something special. Whenever I need a bath in fuzzy guitar and warm, lazy vocals I know where to find it.
  3. Our Shitty Demo
    by Helga Pataki
  4. Gill Brothers Band
    by Gill Brothers Band
  5. Garlic Bread & Roses
    by Garlic Bread & Roses
  6. feather river canyon blues
    by pigeon pit
    milk crates milk crates
    Lomes has that ability to paint such a vivid picture with words that feel like I’m being transported into memories I didn’t even live when I listen to her music. But there is always something there inherently relatable and human to also make it mine. Absolutely genius songwriting and the added instruments just add another element of fun to the mix
  7. Hol(e)y Guitar
    by Davey Dynamite
  8. Immoral Compass
    by Doom Scroll
  9. Cicala
    by Quinn Cicala
  10. stay who you are
    by awakebutstillinbed
  11. The Difference Between Thieves and Crooks
    by Chatterbox and the Latter Day Satanists
  12. L'appel Du Vide. (feat. Ghost Note)
    by HappyHappy
  13. Dear Daddy
    by Ghösh
    by Ghösh
  15. Show Me The Blueprints.
    by Days N Daze
  16. Mx Wander - Train Song
    by Mx Wander and Local News Legend
  17. Burn It All!
  18. Bummed Out (Demo)
    by Porch Cat
  19. Lo.T.H. // Sunshine Fade
    by Dandelion Massacre
  20. sacred objects
    by Long Sought Rest