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  1. Forgiveness Is Divine but Never Pay Full Price For Late Pizza
    by Modern Trigger
    Concrete Life Concrete Life
  2. If No Place.....
    by Straight Line Arrival
    Of Floods Of Floods
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  3. Hard Candy
    by Talk Alliance
    Love this song so so much. It reminds me of my favorite era of music- 90s alt rock like the Smashing Pumpkins, Janes Addiction, ect. Can't wait to hear the rest
  4. Stop The Tape
    by The Crick
    new brunswick i new brunswick i
  5. World's End
    by Stoops The Bloodless
    Have It All Have It All
  6. A Necessary Bummer
    by Sledding With Tigers
    Never Really Good At Sports Never Really Good At Sports
    It's rare that folk punk music is this good. I really really really appreciate you guys. Please play a show with my band next time we come to Cali
  7. straight to the bottom: back to the bottom
    by Ankle Grease
    Protest Songs Protest Songs
    Ankle Grease is my favorite folk punk band. Best people, best songs, and true love and passion for the scene conveyed in their performances. You have to see them live for the full experience so don't miss out
  8. Holy Shit LP
    by Davey Dynamite and Friends
    Holy Shit Holy Shit
    WOW WOW WOW, this is one of my favorite releases this year, by far. These songs were meant to be screamed
  9. Anarchy and Love
    by Qfolk
    Anarchy And Love Anarchy And Love
    Great job with this one! I like the depth that was added to your songs. Keep rockin out
  10. House above an Apartment (2015-2016 Demos)
    by Quinn Cicala
    Tired Tired
    Lovely collection from songs from a great songwriter. I've been listening all day. Looking forward to the upcoming album
  11. Swallow Your Fears
    by Robber's Roost
    All Alone All Alone
    Another amazing release from some of the most talented guys in the scene. Hoping they make their way east sometime so I can see em live !
  12. We The Heathens
    by We The Heathens
    Owsthens Owsthens
  13. When I'm Dead Just Throw Me In The Trash
    by Modern Trigger
    Bus Stops Bus Stops
    Another fun, amazing, high energy release from my favorite punk band in NY. Louder and better than ever. A+ love these guys
  14. The Blood Behind The Dam
    by We The Heathens
    Lung of Lies Lung of Lies
  15. Everything That Burns
    by Grayling
    Empath Empath
  16. You're Not Doing it Right
    by Ton-Taun
    Crazy Horse (Party's Over) Crazy Horse (Party's Over)
    by Dogtooth & Nail
    Seeds of Resilience Seeds of Resilience
  18. Opiri
    by gHyp:See & The Wichts
    No Such Thing No Such Thing
    Uneasy listening at its purest, rawest form. See them live for the ultimate uneasy experience. I have nothing but love for this band and it's nothing I've ever heard and probably will ever hear again.
  19. DIRT
    by Mary Wander
    Hey Mami Hey Mami
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  20. I Love My Dog EP
    by LocalNewsLegend
    No Rehab No Rehab
  21. Bedroom Stage
    by Eric Funn
    Space Time Meaning Matter Space Time Meaning Matter
  22. Does Anybody Have a Cigarette?
    by Bi-Curious Slumber Party
    Fly Away. Fly Away.
  23. In the Water
    by Little Rose
    In the Water In the Water
  24. 20 Songs Of Love
    by Monty Love
    You Want What We Got You Want What We Got
  25. It Tastes Like Freedom
    by Everyone Except Me
    It Tastes Like Freedom It Tastes Like Freedom
  26. Unbearable
    by Paul Baribeau
    Poor Girls Poor Girls
  27. Paul Baribeau
    by Paul Baribeau
    Strawberry Strawberry
  28. Grand Ledge
    by Paul Baribeau
    Ten Things Ten Things
  29. coffee coffee ANARCHY!
    by Modern Trigger
    We'll Always Be Friends We'll Always Be Friends
    I like these guys. These guys are good. They make good songs that are good to listen to. Listen to these guys (or don't).
  30. Bareknuckle Love
    by Freya Wilcox & The Howl
    Bury Me Bury Me
  31. Something is Wrong With Me 2014 EP
    by everyone except Me
    People Like You People Like You
    This album and all of Michelle's work is probably the biggest influence I have in terms of songwriting. They put into words so fluidly the feelings so many of us have but are scared to say out loud. There were periods where this was on repeat in my car for months at a time. Keep making music forever!!

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  1. This City Isn't Big Enough
    by Apes of the State