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  1. Excursions
    by C418
  2. Excursions
    by C418
  3. RED
    by Solar Fields
  4. GREEN
    by Solar Fields
  5. Ourdom
    by Solar Fields
    The Daylight Carrier The Daylight Carrier
    This is one of those albums that really grows on you... give it a listen, give it a couple, give it ten. Before you know it, you're loving every single song.
  6. Leaving Home
    by Solar Fields
    Insum Insum
  7. Qualia
    by George Buzinkai
    Something about this place Something about this place
  8. 2 years of failure
    by C418
    185_pre 185_pre
  9. Dief
    by C418
    Match Cut Match Cut
    The moments of great homework-doing ambience let the more upbeat tracks stand out that much more. This is definitely one of those albums you find yourself listening to over and over and over and over and
  10. BLUE
    by Solar Fields
    Small Little Green Cubes - Remastered Small Little Green Cubes - Remastered
  11. Homestuck Vol. 10
    by Homestuck
    Starfall Starfall
    It is indeed a very rare occurrence that you will find an album that has not one track that you dislike... This album has done that successfully.

    This is the most fantastic finale for Homestuck that I could imagine.
  12. Nova
    by Jalmaan
  13. Terraria Soundtrack Volume 3
    by Scott Lloyd Shelly
    Alternate Underground Alternate Underground
  14. Terraria Soundtrack Volume 2
    by Scott Lloyd Shelly
    Rain Rain
  15. Terraria Soundtrack
    by Scott Lloyd Shelly
    Corruption Corruption
  16. 148
    by C418
    185 185
    Personally I was not expecting an album like this- it's very different from almost all of C418's other work, but that doesn't make it any worse. On the contrary, that makes It so much better. Keep up the good work C418!
  17. The Last Door - The Letter
    by Carlos Viola
    A secret deep buried A secret deep buried
  18. In Isolation
    by A Lunatic's Daydream
    Outside Outside
  19. Brodyquest For Orchesta
    by Walt Ribeiro
    Brodyquest Brodyquest
  20. Portal Stories: Mel Soundtrack
    by Harry Callaghan (Harry101UK)
    24 - Decades Of Science 24 - Decades Of Science
    This soundtrack succeeds quite well at giving the feel of the abandoned Aperture Science facilities, possibly as well if not better than the Portal soundtracks themselves.
  21. Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido
    by Michael Guy Bowman
    The Deeper You Go The Deeper You Go
  22. My Own Private Video Game
    by izioq
    Seiklus Sky Seiklus Sky
  23. Space Engine EP
    by A.e.r.o.
    A Walk In The Woods (with Art Project ?!) (Space Engine OST) A Walk In The Woods (with Art Project ?!) (Space Engine OST)
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  24. Some Old Tunes (Compilation)
    by A.e.r.o.
    Flying Through The Universe Flying Through The Universe
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  25. Sorry for Everything
    by KURORAK
    Until That Time Comes Until That Time Comes
  26. Tobuscus For Orchestra
    by Walt Ribeiro
    'Viral Song' For Orchestra 'Viral Song' For Orchestra
  27. Octodad: Dadliest Catch Original Soundtrack
    by Seth Parker
    Shark Naked (Nobody Suspects a Thing) Shark Naked (Nobody Suspects a Thing)
    This soundtrack is fun, chaotic, ambient, exciting, calming, and most importantly awesome. All in all, quite a fitting soundtrack to its game.
  28. Mr. Cat
    by LilDeuceDeuce
  29. The Felt
    by Homestuck
    Eldritch Eldritch
    It's about time I got this awesome album. Get it? Time?
    I'll see myself out...
  30. The Apparate! Suite
    by Potter Puppet Pals
  31. We Are All Satellites
    by Clark Powell
    15874 15874
  32. Homestuck For Orchestra EP
    by Walt Ribeiro
    Homestuck 'MeGaLoVania' For Orchestra Homestuck 'MeGaLoVania' For Orchestra
  33. Undertale Demo OST
    by Toby Fox
    Ruins Ruins
    I played undertake before it was cool!

    Still, it's a great album for a great demo!
  34. Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead
    by Homestuck
    Three in the Morning Three in the Morning
  35. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
    Mice on Venus Mice on Venus
    I heard this song playing Minecraft, as the sun was rising on my newly-built house. It was such an unusual, unexpected, and beautiful song that I decided to find out who made it.

    8,000 in-game hours later and about $150 less, I regret nothing.
  36. Rakuen Official Soundtrack
    by Laura Shigihara
    Morizora's Cave Morizora's Cave
  37. Red
    by Savlonic
    Computer Guy Computer Guy
  38. Escape Goat Original Soundtrack
    by Ian Stocker
    Entryway Entryway
  39. Escape Goat 2 Original Soundtrack
    by Ian Stocker
    Restoration Restoration
  40. Squiddles!
    by Homestuck
    Ocean Stars Ocean Stars
  41. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B
    by Homestuck
    Pendulum Pendulum
    I would say this is one of the only Homestuck albums that I haven't wondered how one or two songs got onto the album. And while it may not the best Homestuck album, it is one of the better ones, with at least several tracks worthy of an animation to accompany them.
  42. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A
    by Homestuck
    Indigo Archer Indigo Archer
    It's great to hear music from a far greater selection of artists than the main members of the music team, not that their music isn't great too or anything, but I enjoy seeing all the others being able to join in on the fun too.
  43. Cherubim
    by Homestuck
    Eternity Served Cold Eternity Served Cold
    This album shows just how talented the music team is, that they are able to make such contrasting tracks, showing their conflicting personalities. Plus their alternating tracks, ended by a double track by Caliborn perfectly represents his conquering of Calliope. Arguably the best-done album by the music team yet.
  44. Symphony Impossible to Play
    by Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
    III - Serenade III - Serenade
  45. Homestuck Vol. 5
    by Homestuck
    The Beginning of Something Really Excellent The Beginning of Something Really Excellent
    Quite a formidable (65 track, 2 1/2 hours) album to get through, but the more you listen to it, the better it gets. And in the middle of the album are many great tracks like Sarabande, Sunslammer, and Pyrocumulus, but it's when you near the end that the best songs start to come in, like Descend, Homestuck, and my