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Anatomy of the Heads

  1. Banana, Kiribati
  2. Experimental
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  1. [gelöscht]
    [gelöscht] [gelöscht]
    The machines have taken over and are creating a soundtrack to their own destruction!!! What's left of you is trapped in a post-apocalyptic nightmare trading bundles of teeth for dog food. This album is clearly a menace to society and should not be listened to!
  2. Hellmouth
    by Death Tape Super Bass
  3. Music for Living Sculptures
    by The Doomsday Vault
  4. JPE
    by JPE
  5. D/U
    by Dragged Up
    Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch
    Look, when you realize how fake it all is; the football, the basketball, the Lady Gaga, the Justin Bieber—you know that record is definitely a sign of garage vodoo. The skeleton on the cover, the unnatural cross in the trunk - it is all there in firey detail. BEWARE!
  6. A Gap In the Skin
    by Tonko
    A Gap in the Skin is a short & sweet symphony of waves crashing against the shore. So grab your snorkel gear and dive into the unknown, it's sure to be a sonically-satisfying swim. The tracks are a perfect blend of chaos and beauty, creating a soundscape that's both unsettling and alluring.
  7. Troublesome Night 3
    by Various Ghouls
    b l u e s c r e e n - 古代の復讐 b l u e s c r e e n - 古代の復讐
    Troublesome Night 3 is a devil-worshiping compilation that displays violent music from the contemporary music underground! If you allow this demon album to play on this most unholy of holidays, you may incur the full wrath of evil!
  8. Troublesome Night
    by Various Ghouls
    Beware, this evil Halloween compilation should not be listened to under any circumstances. The dark and ominous sounds contained within are not only deeply unsettling, but they have been rumored to summon demons from the underworld. Do not take this warning lightly. The tracks on this album are not just for entertainment, they hold the power to unleash evil upon the world. Save yourself and steer clear of this haunting and dangerous compilation
    The relentless and chaotic energy of the tracks is sure to turn any listener into a paranoid schizophrenic that is convinced that the government is turning people into zombies. This album is not a musical experience, but a recipe for disaster. Consume this hazardous and damaging piece of work at your own risk!
  10. Calm
    by Carrion
  11. Untitled Floppy Disk
    by Carrion
  12. Her
    by Carrion
  13. Joy
    by Carrion
  14. Carrion / I'Eternal
    by Carrion / I'Eternal
  15. Split
    by Carrion / Yeemeen Nosa
  16. 40 Days and Nights
    by Carrion
  17. Coma
    by Carrion
  18. G L A R R Y
  19. impressions of field recordings