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Anatomy of the Heads

  1. Banana, Kiribati
  2. Experimental
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  1. 20x20^
    by Various Artists
  2. Shiki
    by Hervé Perez & Mehata Sentimental Legend
  3. Seres
    by NovaGiger
  4. Ride Every Day
    by Merce Lemon
  5. Presence
    by Hertzklang
  6. primal synapsis
    by Hïdrō Recordingsº
  7. Ornaments
    by Featherstone
  8. Hanami
    by Seffi Starshine
  9. 赤い夏
    by 六月花
    by Petridisch
    Le sablier (Piano Version) Le sablier (Piano Version)
    Ancient bronze sculpture depicting the many breasts of Diana shooting arrows made from lotus buds as a symbol love, unity and the development of bifocal vision in mammalian young.
  11. 名誉 amongst 泥棒
    by 火災花
  12. Mais Bad
    by Satanique Samba Trio
    Badtriptronics #05 Badtriptronics #05
    A fool can burn for a lost cause but only the rightous man can devour mais until the soil is fertile. Bad soils and blood appease Death, who hides on top of the clouds. Amen.
  13. Om Mani Padme Hum
    by Hertzklang
  14. ﹝final﹞F A N T A S Y W A V E﹝vii﹞
    by Kannibal
    by Shared Systems 有限
  16. Summer 2019
    by Various Artists
    by Eis-T
  18. 芬氣い愛
    by FarragoL
  19. Avia
    by Derek Piotr
  20. The Devil, The Sea & A White Pill
    by 世界は80年代に終了しました