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  1. Evolutionary Impasse
    by Plague Throat
  2. Forest Sky (Album)
    by Hermóðr
  3. The Mountain Man
    by Mr. Bad Luck
  4. ZAMEE
    by ZAMEE
    Prošeta se Jovka Kumanovka Prošeta se Jovka Kumanovka
    it is a trip the mystical lands where different styles combine .. don't give a second thought. it's a must have!
  5. Dominion Of Darkness
    by Hellbringer
  6. Dis Manibvs
    by Imperium Dekadenz
  7. Enemy of Duality (Vedic Metal)
    by RUDRA (Singapore)
  8. Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart
    by Sylvaine
    It Rains In My Heart It Rains In My Heart
    this is an emotional journey. listening this experience is a beautiful experience
  9. The Festival (Lovecraftian Metal)
    by SWAMPCULT (Netherlands)
    Chapter VIII - The Madness Chapter VIII - The Madness
    Dark and Desolate! Want to take a less known , less walked and an off beat track? The this is the album for you
    It is an experiment never done before and results are impressive.
  10. Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith
    by Inquisition
    From Chaos They Came From Chaos They Came
    The album is a stellar. soaked in the elements of darkness. well the length of the tracks is less as compared to tracks from previous album. But the mastery , the music level has definitely increased. Crushing black metal! powerful and unholy
  11. Crocopter (Grindcore)
    by GROSSTY (Bangalore, India)
    Brink Brink
    The album is a melting pot of heavily distorted and down tuned guitars , grinding overdriven bass , wild and ferocious blast beats , high speed tempo and killer growls and high pitched shrieks by the two vocalists.

    It is assaulting in a very brutal fashion and is creating a  massacre which is systematically grinding the world  and above that the production is quite neat.

    This album caters to the love for grindcore. If you are a grindcore fan , then you just would not want to miss out on this
  12. Carved in Ice (EP)
    by Hermóðr
  13. Fury Incarnate (Thrash/Crossover)
    by CARNAGE INC. (Mumbai, India)
    There is no way you can keep your head still while you are listening to the CARNAGE INC.

    The band has played with passion and enthusiasm all the way from start to finish. The songs definitely has and element of rebellion and anger.

    The band is attempting to forge a new path in this trash metal landscape
  14. Forlorn (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    by SEEDNA (Sweden)
    When it come to atmospheric black metal music , Seedna have proved yet again that they are the masters of it. They have yet again come out with a masterpiece in form of Forlorn.
    Meaningful lyrics, prefect use of ritual instruments throughout the album. Arrangement of songs is simply perfect.
    You just cannot miss out on this if you are atmospheric black metal fan. And moreover the CD comes with a beautiful booklet, which speaks the ideology behind this beauty
  15. Sulphur
    by Seedna
  16. The Darkness of December (Album)
    by Hermóðr
    Skogshjärta Skogshjärta
    Raw and intense. It is like travelling in different space. best of all the reselases
  17. Isolate
    by Mesarthim
  18. Regression
    by SystemHouse33
  19. Legions Awake
    by Inner Sanctum
  20. This Burden Is Mine
    by Demonstealer
  21. What once was beautiful (Album)
    by Hermóðr
    The burning of one's dreams The burning of one's dreams
  22. Manicheism Inertia
    by AFFLICTION GATE (France)
  23. Dying Alone
    by AFFLICTION GATE (France)
  24. Negative Lucidity
    by AFFLICTION GATE (France)
  25. Immortal and Vile (Death Metal)
    by PRIMITIV (Mumbai, India)
    Lords of Primitiv Lords of Primitiv
    brutal and killer. death-doom metal \m/. What a way to start the new year. Quality lyrics with destructive guitar riffs and drumming will infuse you with power.
  26. Impending Hostility (War Black/Death Metal)
    by PRELUDIUM (Poland)
    Realm of Void Realm of Void
    tracks the machine gun and the band is assaulting with it.
  27. Fear from the Skies (Heavy Metal)
    by ALBATROSS (Mumbai, India)
  28. Redemption (Spiritual Black/Death Metal)
    by PRELUDIUM (Poland)
    The Seven Gates of Hell The Seven Gates of Hell
    Vicious . Dark . Insane . Brutal . Heavy
    and it destructs.
    Epic black metal coming straight out of Poland
  29. The Waste Land (Heavy/Progressive Metal)
    by RECTIFIED SPIRIT (Guwahati, India)
    Fireborn Fireborn
    Band takes influences from all different genres of heavy metal. the songs are tight
    and also this album is one of the finest releases of 2015 Indian Metal Scene.
  30. Out of Time
    by Skyharbor
  31. Dis-Illumination (Old School Death Metal)
    by WINTERGATE (Jaipur, India)
    A Wreath Of Mist A Wreath Of Mist
  32. Swarm
    by GODLESS