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  1. One Will
    by ARDITI
  2. Songs Over Ruins
  3. Downfall of Nur / Selvans
    by Selvans / Downfall of Nur
    Mater Universi Mater Universi
    A beautifully executed albeit untitled conceptual collaboration album.

    "Broken Gods" as the artwork denotes brings together an eternal and inseparable cosmic pair their dance weaving together sonic alchemy under an auspicious sign. From the soothing ambiance of raindrops, the spring in bloom to the call of night and all the intensity in between which heralds the cosmos. Hail Sol, father rose, Luna beckoned.
  4. Eudoxus
    by Various Artists
    The Excavation Site The Excavation Site
    Eudoxus is an immense collection of Dark Ambient, Noise and even Martial Neoclassical. One can appreciate the subject matter as the composition reveals a recurring theme, if not already self evident from album artwork.

    On a personal note The Fall of Prometheus emerges from within, such transports the listener to excavations on the far side of the moon revealing dark secrets of our cosmos, all the way to the Faustian drive being marched into an abyss.
  5. 25YLOKI
    by Various Artists
    Fjernlys - Trunkene Flut Fjernlys - Trunkene Flut
    Initially I was attracted to the Loki Foundation ten years ago, Predominance was my first listen and instant eternal favorite "Four Symbols".

    One should note the tracks are arranged as a mix, for example seamlessly transitioning between soothing ambient and a sharp 1980s esque synthesizer.

    In my minds eye raindrops falling upon a derelict industrial park and the Hindenburg crashing meld gloriously together.
  6. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
    III - The Downfall of Nur III - The Downfall of Nur
    Impressively intense, Atmospheric Black Metal. Umbras de Barbagia doesn't let you go of you without leaving a lasting mark. Each track compliments the stark contrast between serene instrumentals and pure assault, building momentum and hooking in the listener.

    Akin to the monuments of the fallen Nuragic civilization crashing like waves upon Sardinia's serene shores.
  7. Imposing Elitism
    by ARDITI
    Order of the Black Sun Order of the Black Sun
    Arditi simply never ceases to amaze me, all of their work is art of the highest order.

    Arditi - Imposing Elitism will become an essential to any avid collector of Martial Industrial, Neoclassical or Neofolk.

    Right up on par with work by Triarii, Legionarii and Waffenruhe.
  8. A Soldier of Lifeforce
    False Faces, False Tongues False Faces, False Tongues
    Uncompromising like slate, unsubtle Martial music featuring poignant quotes from the late Dr. William Luther Pierce.

    I commend Vilkas for not remaining apolitical. While I cannot make this a typical recommendation for fans of the Martial Music genre, I do however recommend this for those familiar with Dr. W.L.P. and or Martially inclined listeners who are already familiar with such subject matter.

    This isn't a gentle breeze to the face, it is a bucket of ice cold water - a wake up call.
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  9. Summoning the glare of death
  10. Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood
    by Phragments
    The Kin of Cain The Kin of Cain
  11. Homo Homini Lvpvs
    by Phragments
    The Cogwheel Turns The Cogwheel Turns
  12. New Kings and New Queens
    by Phragments
  13. Awaken The Wolves [live]
    by Phragments
  14. Diagnosis
    by Council of Nine
  15. Onyx
    by Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri
  16. The Burning World
    by Phragments