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Anton Engdahl

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  1. RR7349
    by S U R V I V E
    A.H.B. A.H.B.
  2. Paranormal Romance
    by Cowtown
    Motivational Speaker Motivational Speaker
  3. Pop Songs For Rock Kids
    by Tubelord
    Obstacles Obstacles
    No other band can put 10 million different choruses in a song and make it the best tune ever... Just Tubelord magic.
  4. MMVI – MMIX
    by Meet Me In St Louis
    I've Got Knives In My Eyes I'm Going Home Sick I've Got Knives In My Eyes I'm Going Home Sick
    The complete discography by my favourite band. 10/10
  5. Bubblegum
    by Kevin Devine
    Private First Class Private First Class
    A nice balance of catchy songs and noisy instrumentation. Love the energy in tracks like Nobel Prize and Private First Class, and the heaviness of Red Bird and Somewhere Unoccupied. Grows on me with every listen!
  6. Glory
    by Axes
    Monster Monster
    This album sounds great, the instrumental performances are ridiculously tight and Axes have packed loads of great themes and hooks into it. I have to admit that their song structures are a bit too random for me, though... But I'm sure I will love this album once I've really gotten to know the songs!
  7. Bulldozer
    by Kevin Devine
    Little Bulldozer Little Bulldozer
    Such a cozy album! Sweet chord progressions all the way through. And catchy as hell!
  8. Get Disowned
    by Hop Along
    Diamond Mine Diamond Mine
    Raw, honest and beautiful. The arrangements are a bit peculiar at times but they match the lyrics/songs so well. Vocals are out of this world!
  9. Tiny Dots
    by La Dispute
    For Mayor of Splitsville For Mayor of Splitsville
    Yes! The acoustic versions of their songs sound so sweet.
  10. Intersections
    by Into It. Over It
    Upstate Blues Upstate Blues
    I just love the way this album sounds! Great production and a really soft sounding mix. Sweet guitar work and vocal melodies, and some really groovy progressive moments as well. Love it!
  11. Adolescence
    by Gnarwolves
    Daydreamer Daydreamer
    Gnarwolves doing the Gnarwolves thing. Sounding a bit darker and heavier than they usually do, though! Still great.
  12. Celebrate
    by Tiny Moving Parts
    Birdhouse Birdhouse
    This album comes roaring out of the gates! Great guitar work of course, sounds crystal clear and really lively. The rest of the production is super punchy. I love all the small, sudden breaks! The whole thing runs the risk of becoming a bit monotonous though... Apart from that Tiny Moving Parts did a great job with this album!
  13. Twin Galaxies
    by Delta Sleep
    Hungry For Love Hungry For Love
    Really groovy rhythmic shifts, tasty chord progressions and intense vocals. Detailed, rich. Just the right amount of variation to always keep you interested, still it never gets confusing. A sweet debut album!
  14. Pets Hounds
    by Pet Symmetry
    Give Thanks (Get Lost) Give Thanks (Get Lost)
    Blown away by this album! Fun from start to finish. Sorta pretty pop songs with huge drums and really heavy bass/guitars. Sounds fucking great and makes me feel really good!
  15. Axes
    by Axes
    Rainbow Bacon Rainbow Bacon
    Loads of memorable themes and hooks on this! The somewhat poor production makes it difficult to hear what's going on at times, but this EP is still fantastic and great fun!
  16. Fever 121614
    by Deerhoof
    There's That Grin There's That Grin
    When Deerhoof perform live they bring a living pulse and groove into their songs that is unlike anything I have ever heard. Such an amazing band!
  17. In the Valley of Notes
    by Salomon Jakobsson
    Introspective (Insanity) Introspective (Insanity)
    Salomon is a super talented guitarist & composer, and with a track like "Introspective (Insanity)" he is really coming into his own. Great album!
  18. Arizona
    by Mylets
    Arizona Arizona
    Mylets is without doubt the greatest solo act that I have ever heard. Combining technology with stellar songwriting and an intense live performance... And Mylets' evolution from 'Retcon' to this album is astounding. It doesn't get any better than this!
  19. Retcon
    by Mylets
    Hungover Tehran Hungover Tehran
    Catchy, creative, aggressive, amazing!
  20. All Hail Bright Futures
    by And So I Watch You From Afar
    Big Thinks Do Remarkable Big Thinks Do Remarkable
    Furious guitars playing in major keys. AMAZING POWER.

    (And the album cover is one of my favorites of all time. So beautiful)
  21. Id
    by E321
    Everything, all of it Everything, all of it
    Very vibrant music with a deep and clear quality to it. A beautiful album!
  22. Final Ep
    by Malin Willén
    Superficial Superficial
    Sweet, warm and catchy acoustic pop music. I'm really enjoying the vocal harmonies on 'Superficial'. Great EP!
  23. Exit...Stage Cleft
    by Cleft
    Elephant In The Bar Room (live) Elephant In The Bar Room (live)
    This is Cleft doing what they do best (and it's really good). Possibly the most epic album title of all time!
  24. BeatCast Studio Sessions
    by Three Trapped Tigers
    Cramm Cramm
    TTT are a phenomenal live band and BeatCast did a great job with this session!
  25. Droids
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    Reach For The Stars Kid But Don't Blame Me If It Makes You Miserable Reach For The Stars Kid But Don't Blame Me If It Makes You Miserable
  26. Geography
    by Vasco Da Gama
    The Greenland Problem The Greenland Problem
    I LOVE THIS. I've listened to it tons of times by now and it is ridiculously good in every way. Vasco Da Gama was definitely a gust of fresh air in the math rock scene!
  27. Them Teeth/Hawk Moth
    by Vasco Da Gama
    Hawk Moth Hawk Moth
    Real killer tracks.
  28. Vasco Da Gama EP
    by Vasco Da Gama
    Teach the Young Team Teach the Young Team
    Y-E-A-H. I can't believe how good this is! Absolute groove.
  29. Management
    by Delta Sleep
    So Say We All So Say We All
    Solid math with an experimental and sort of earthy quality to it. Really nice!
  30. Years
    by Secondsmile
    Halfman Halfman
    Before getting this album I had listened to their 'I Am Not Romeo...' EP. That EP had a lot more edge and attitude than this album and I miss that! With that said, this album features great melodic guitar lines and passionate vocal performances. And the songs are still really good!
  31. Monotony Chic
    by Shapes
    Magister Navis Magister Navis
    Reminds me of Blakfish, but darker and sludgier... The track 'Magister Navis' is my favorite because of the MASSIVE outro!
  32. The Pasture, The Oil
    by Shapes
    The Moon Is Bright But Coned Off The Moon Is Bright But Coned Off
    I like this better than their album 'Monotony Chic', it feels more creative and punchy! Sweet stuff.
  33. Deadman EP
    by House of Brothers
    Lose Yourself Lose Yourself
    I have no idea what House of Brothers is, but I really like it! This EP sounds like a beautiful snowy winter day.
  34. BOSH!
    by Cleft
    Tamed Beests Tamed Beests
    This album is just PACKED with riffs. It's unbelievable how many riffs there are on this album. I love riffs!
  35. Whale Bone
    by Cleft
    Gulch Gulch
    When I heard this band for the first time I immediately got their two EP's and pre-ordered the album... I also bought myself a POG. 100% worth it!
  36. Utter
    by Cleft
    External Complications External Complications
    "Turbo-prog" at its finest! I'm normally not a big fan of drum & guitar duos, but these guys really know how to make it interesting.
  37. For the Grandparents
    by tubelord
    Our First American Friends Our First American Friends
    An acoustic version of one of my favourite albums of all time. It's so pretty!
  38. As We Get Closer The Room Gets Smaller
    by shoes and socks off
    Gotham's Finest Gotham's Finest
    Sweet tracks, great album title. Tobias Hayes is the man!
  39. don't blame yourself, it's in your blood
    by shoes and socks off
    fits and starts (...skyline...) fits and starts (...skyline...)
    At first I thought this was the bargain of the year... Then I downloaded it and found all the bonus content. Turned out to be the bargain of the decade!
  40. miles of mad water
    by shoes and socks off
    and no one's seen him since and no one's seen him since
    Quietly haunting tracks surrounded by a whole lot of noise... A truly unique album and one that I enjoy a lot.
  41. Burgundy EP
    by Scarlet Blue
    Get To The Point Get To The Point
    These guys deserve all your love. They are a great live act and this EP sounds amazing! The songs are catchy and easy to listen to, without ever becoming soulless or boring. Every song has its own vibe but the EP still flows smoothly from beginning to end.

    (and as if all that wasn't enough, the bass player is damn handsome as well.)
  42. Corners
    by Square Peg Round Hole
    Falling Giants Falling Giants
    Incredible percussion work and really catchy melodies. An outstanding album!
  43. The Shape Of Things That Came
    by Phylatterion
    Death Walks Behind You Death Walks Behind You
    Wow, such groove! I like it a lot.
  44. Distal
    by Crash Of Rhinos
    Wide Awake Wide Awake
    Big & powerful music!
  45. ...And With The Right Kind Of Eyes You Can Almost See The High Water Mark That Place Where The Wave Finally Broke And Rolled Back
    by Meet Me In St Louis
    You Said Your Finger Was A Gun You Said Your Finger Was A Gun
    My favourite band. Enough said.