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  1. 4Löffelchen
    by Various Artists
  2. Voodoo Volume
    by Paul Traeumer
  3. Chamaniac
    by Damon Jee
  4. Jupiter
    by Hammer
  5. Dawn Nostalgia
    by DC Salas
  6. Summer Sol IV
    by Sol Selectas
  7. The New Pollution [SM005]
    by Olsvangèr
  8. Tamoanchan EP
    by El Búho
  9. Botanas: Oonga
    by OONGA
  10. Ermitaño EP
    by Biomigrant
  11. Aura EP
    by Andrés Oddone
  12. Kayak Break EP
    by Barrio Lindo
  13. Expediciones: Matanza ∞ Oceanvs Orientalis
    by Matanza ∞ Oceanvs Orientalis
  14. Botanas: Barda
    by Barda
  15. Confluencias II: Montaña
    by Shika Shika
  16. Botanas: Universildo
    by Universildo
  17. Botanas: Yeahman
    by Yeahman
  18. Albura
    by Barrio Lindo
  19. Calidoso
    by History of Colour
  20. Botanas: Timboletti
    by Timboletti
  21. Albura Remixed
    by Barrio Lindo
  22. Barra Funda EP
    by Spaniol
  23. Aura
    by Andres Oddone
  24. Especias EP
    by Kraut
  25. Mare Insularum
    by V.A.
  26. Minguante EP
    by kurup
  27. Botanas: Klik & Frik
    by Klik & Frik
  28. Botanas: JAJA
    by JAJA
  29. Botanas: STAS
    by STAS
  30. Union (V.A.)
    by Shika Shika
  31. Botanas: Uji feat. Femina
    by Uji ft. Femina
  32. GUAZÚ
    by GUAZÚ
  33. Botanas: Nicola Cruz & Pancho Piedra
    by Nicola Cruz & Pancho Piedra
  34. Confluencias I: Selva
    by Shika Shika
  35. Camino de Flores
    by El Búho
  36. Ñuka Shunku EP
    by Huaira
  37. Botanas: Haunted Water
    by Haunted Water
  38. Lembrança
    by Barda
  39. Botanas: Muno
    by Muno
  40. Eco (V.A.)
    by Shika Shika
  41. Solar Warriors
    by Marvin & Guy
  42. Aliento
    by Danit
    Guacamayo Guacamayo
    Deeply touched by your voice and music. Arrangements are rich with tonal components and very well balanced, it is a great pleasure listen to this album. I forgot when I listened the same song so many times again and again <3
  43. Wrong Bottle (Uone & Western Remix)
    by Timboletti
  44. Manantial
    by Intiche
  45. Oba (Intiche Remix)
    by Ohxalá