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Anthony Rauscher

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  1. Rapa Nui EP
    by Silent Island
  2. Mother of all trees
    by Black Hill & heklAa
    Follow the creek Follow the creek
    Our elegant, cherishing, and intimate musical world painted with the lights that shine through diamonds and obsidian..

    Our mother, of all trees 🖤
  3. Carabelle
    by Hyedra
    BeAuTiFuL 🦄🤟
  4. Desire
    by Valerinne
    Earth From Above Earth From Above
    Don't let your wings keep you from bringing heaven's power down to touch the earth.

    This is how it feels flying through the stars!
  5. Tales of the night forest
    by Black Hill & Silent Island
  6. ladəs Live at KRCL
    by Temples
  7. EP
    by Rosie Peppin
    by Modern Ghosts of the Road
    The endless peace within a cold, vacant, distant place..
  9. Open Fields Inside Any Room
    by Modern Ghosts of the Road
    The feeling of being a lone animal deep in the distant wilderness in the cold and rain..
  10. in today already walks tomorrow
    by sleepmakeswaves
    one day you will teach me to let go of my fears one day you will teach me to let go of my fears
    Hauntingly dancing..
    Dancingly haunting.
    Like some of the brightest days of the colours of fall, and a touch of the coldest.
  11. Arboretum
    by poemme
    asleep on a faded moss patch asleep on a faded moss patch
    Dreamlike places. Lifeful, colourful fields, that have pursued and stretched their boundaries to become lifeful, colourful forests, that intend to do the same..
  12. Moments in Golden Light
    by poemme
    awning ~ under the willow tree awning ~ under the willow tree
    A feel good, feel fresh, energetic, and aligned, feel natural, and at one ambience.

    Each piece conveys a wonderful, unique, and welcome perspective within what the overall concept entails.
  13. EXIDIA
    by Exidia
    Chicxulub Chicxulub
    Thick twisting slow motion swirling smoky incense cone curls of music from inside the walls of the wizard who destroyed the universe's house.

    Aha, ahaha, ahahahaha!!
  14. Hyedra
    by Hyedra
    Garona Garona
    We are set adrift into the midst of the heart of a cold swirling sea, and it feels like home. This is def FrEsH, and str8 up powerful rockin like only Hyedra can do.
  15. When I See You | Joshua
    by Angelica Rockne
    When I See You When I See You
    She has a magical ability of expressing beautiful and natural stories, lifetimes, and experiences in a song, like little ships in bottles. Each song is it's own comfortable, interesting room you can just feel, and chill, and open up to things.
  16. Human Being
    by Angelica Rockne
    Angelical Angelica. Soft, sweet, sincere, soulful, sexy, seductive, special, stunning, stellar, sparkling songs and sounds!
  17. Ahead Is a Barren Land
    by Valerinne/Mytrip
    The Unraveling The Unraveling
    A little psychedelic rainbow garden of eden of magnificent sounds.
  18. Monumenta Live
    by Valerinne
    Palinopsia Live Palinopsia Live
    A channeling of great talent into a presentation of monumental super-realistic sonic artwork that tears across the sky like sunlight, and crashes like ocean waves.
  19. two
    by smush
    anyway anyway
    I get smushed erevyteim..
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Under The Pale Red Sky (Musicformessier Rework)
    by We Deserve This
    It's hard to nail down what Musicformessier's sound is, but this track is a prime example of that sound. The innocence of a child, the knowledgefulness of a understanding teacher, the freedom and exploration of a man alone, the shoulder of a friend to lean on, or one that leans on you - it's all sitting here, quietly in this track, waiting for you to say something more about, than I could..