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Anthony Rauscher

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  1. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
    Black Hill - Eden Black Hill - Eden
    On the shores of this river is a peaceful meadow where I can just lie down and relax and listen.
  2. The Pleiades
    by musicformessier
    Electra Electra
    Quite possibly the most beautiful, and creative collection of musical pieces I've ever heard.
  3. Timelessness
    by musicformessier & Dan Caine
    Solstice skies Solstice skies
    Gorgeously Nivenesque - Like I powered down my hyper-drive in a far distant corner of celestial eternity, just to collect my thoughts.
  4. Loop
    by Cloudkicker
    9 9
    Each piece is a like it's own little music box, and together they are like holding a handful of coloured jewels thinking.. "these are very pretty."
  5. Let Yourself Be Huge
    by Cloudkicker
    Explore, be curious Explore, be curious
    Comfy, cozy, warm, a hint of a cool breeze in the air.
  6. Went Missing
    by Noir For Rachel
    Search For Identity Search For Identity
    Take a ride on a swirling nebulous carousel that drifts deeper and deeper into euphoria - An absolutely great album.
  7. Unreleased
    by Noir For Rachel
    December Eyes December Eyes
    Warm syrupy new-wave shoegaze jangle that patters like gentle cool rain against the window of a darkened room - Beautiful.
  8. Kunstformen der natur
    by Valerinne
    Aphelion/Perihelion Aphelion/Perihelion
    Oceans of life, and music - resoundant, and ringing out colourfully.
  9. Arborescent
    by Valerinne
    Golden Hour/Blue Hour Golden Hour/Blue Hour
    A very powerful, euphoric, and adventurous musical experience that sparkles from start to finish.
  10. Monumenta Live
    by Valerinne
    Palinopsia Live Palinopsia Live
    A channeling of great talent into a presentation of super-realistic sonic artwork.
  11. Open Fields Inside Any Room
    by Modern Ghosts of the Road
    The feeling of being a lone animal deep in the distant wilderness in the cold and rain..
  12. Desert Whispers Through The Dark Tongues
    by Uktena Kult
    #B (Burn The Solar Throne) #B (Burn The Solar Throne)
    Like a mystical dream set adrift through reality in the desert night.
  13. The Wounded West
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
    The Struggle The Struggle
    A clear and gritty message - if you're headed west, you best be ready for everything.
  14. Wild Works volume 1
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
    Midnight Dome Midnight Dome
    Astonishingly cinematic. Atmospheres perhaps as equally peaceful, promising, and contemplative, as somber, rugged, and untamed.
  15. Wild Works volume 2
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
    Mesoke May Dodd Mesoke May Dodd
  16. Back From Original Landscapes : Soundtrack Of Nowhere
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
    Ethereal Bloom Ethereal Bloom
    Spirits, but not ghosts - Long past memories that seem to resonate through the old timbers, and the wood of the walls.
  17. Ballads For The Immortal Watcher
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
    When The Dog Became Blind When The Dog Became Blind
    Quiet times you might get to appreciate - in an empty town, under the stars, beside the crackling fire, wisps of smoke in the air - just watching, thinking..
  18. Great Plains Fragments
    by Eagle Stone
    Aurora Aurora
    Shadows in a landscape etched by the baking sun itself.
  19. Prologue
    by Hyedra
    Tree of Menoah Tree of Menoah
    Rocks hard and glitters with intensity and adrenaline from a place of determination and a mindstate of positivity.
  20. Before, There Was Fear
    by Future Scars
    Before, There Was Fear Before, There Was Fear
    That's right little lady inside my bluetooth headset.. "Maximum Volume. MAXIMUM VOLUME."
  21. As It Should Be
    by As In We
    All Here From Downhill All Here From Downhill
    A susical mybian chamine - blind totally mown!
  22. ladəs
    by Temples
    Empyrean Empyrean
    A heavenly & shimmering musical fantasy of adventurous & whimsical dreams & tales.
  23. Whispering Mountain
    by Okkur
    Lost Worlds Lost Worlds
    A fantastic album that will take you to a loved up, feel good, chill place, and on from there!
  24. Lost Voices, Found Selves
    by Colourway
    Tempo Tempo
    Crystalline, peaceful, pastel, comfortable, open, and energetic - Fresh as baby powder in the crisp cool morning breeze, in post-rock format..
  25. Musk Ox
    by Musk Ox
    Sur Une Infinie Route De Terre Sur Une Infinie Route De Terre
    Filled with beautiful tones of comfort, contemplation, restfulness, delicateness, and peace.