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Anthony Rauscher

  1. Cambridge, Ontario
  2. Rock
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  1. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill & heklAa
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    Black Hill - Eden Black Hill - Eden
    On the shores of this river is a peaceful meadow where I can just lie down and relax and listen
  2. The Pleiades (HALF PRICE for a limited time)
    by musicformessier
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    Electra Electra
    Quite possibly the most beautiful, and creative collection of musical pieces I've ever heard
  3. Timelessness
    by musicformessier & Dan Caine
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    Solstice skies Solstice skies
    Gorgeously Nivenesque - Like I powered down my hyper-drive in a far distant corner of celestial eternity, just to collect my thoughts
  4. Loop
    by Cloudkicker
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    9 9
    Each piece is a like it's own little music box, and together they are like holding a handful of coloured jewels thinking.. "these are very pretty"
  5. Let Yourself Be Huge
    by Cloudkicker
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    Explore, be curious Explore, be curious
    Comfy, cozy, warm, a hint of a cool breeze in the air
  6. Went Missing
    by Noir For Rachel
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    Search For Identity Search For Identity
    Take a ride on a swirling nebulous carousel that drifts deeper and deeper into euphoria - An absolutely great album
  7. Unreleased
    by Noir For Rachel
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    December Eyes December Eyes
    Warm syrupy new-wave shoegaze jangle that patters like gentle cool rain against the window of a darkened room - Beautiful
  8. Kunstformen der natur
    by Valerinne
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    Aphelion/Perihelion Aphelion/Perihelion
    Oceans of life, and music - resoundant, and ringing out colourfully
  9. Arborescent
    by Valerinne
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    Golden Hour/Blue Hour Golden Hour/Blue Hour
    A very powerful, euphoric, and adventurous musical experience that sparkles from start to finish
  10. Monumenta Live
    by Valerinne
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    Palinopsia Live Palinopsia Live
    A channeling of great talent into a presentation of super-realistic sonic artwork
  11. Open Fields Inside Any Room
    by Modern Ghosts of the Road
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    I get the feeling of being a lone animal deep in the distant wilderness in the cold and rain - Somehow here, somehow there..
  12. Desert Whispers Through The Dark Tongues
    by Uktena Kult
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    #B (Burn The Solar Throne) #B (Burn The Solar Throne)
    Like a mystical dream set adrift through reality in the desert night
  13. The Wounded West
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
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    The Struggle The Struggle
    A clear and gritty message - if you're headed west, you best be ready for everything
  14. Ballads For The Immortal Watcher
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
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    When The Dog Became Blind When The Dog Became Blind
    Quiet times you might get to appreciate - in an empty town, under the stars, beside the crackling fire, wisps of smoke in the air - just watching, thinking..
  15. Prologue
    by Hyedra
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    Tree of Menoah Tree of Menoah
    Rocks hard and glitters with intensity and adrenaline from a place of determination and a mindstate of positivity
  16. As It Should Be
    by As In We
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    All Here From Downhill All Here From Downhill
    A susical mybian chamine - blind totally mown!
  17. Lost Voices, Found Selves
    by Colourway
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    Tempo Tempo
    Crystalline, peaceful, pastel, comfortable, open, and energetic - Fresh as baby powder in the crisp cool morning breeze, in post-rock format..
  18. Musk Ox
    by Musk Ox
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    Sur Une Infinie Route De Terre Sur Une Infinie Route De Terre
    Filled with beautiful tones of comfort, contemplation, restfulness, delicateness, and peace