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  1. Koi: Performing the music of Tim Berne
    by Gregg Belisle-Chi
  2. A Cloud of Black Birds
    by Joe Morris Quartet
  3. i,i
    by Bon Iver
  4. The Choir Invisible
  5. Physical Address
    by Chris Cohen
  6. Believers
    by Believers - Brad Shepik, Sam Minaie, John Hadfield
  7. Sacred Vowels
    by Tim Berne
  8. Bridge Ices Before Road
    by Ronny Graupes SPOOM
  9. music for images
    by ryan ferreira
  10. Carrousel
    by Théo Ceccaldi Trio
  11. Clockwise
    by Anna Webber
  12. The Fantastic Mrs. 10
    by TIM BERNE'S SNAKEOIL with Matt Mitchell, Oscar Noriega, Ches Smith, Marc Ducret
  13. Work (Complete, Volumes 1-6)
    by Miles Okazaki
  14. Respect For Your Toughness
    by CHRIS SPEED TRIO with Chris Tordini and Dave King
  15. Naked Allies
    by Daniel Rorke
  16. Golden Valley Is Now
    by GOLDEN VALLEY IS NOW Reid Anderson, Dave King and Craig Taborn
  17. Stay Up
    by Grey Mcmurray
  18. Alula
    by Caroline Davis
  19. Chris Cohen
    by Chris Cohen
  20. Chamomile Crush
    by Alicia Walter