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  1. March
    by Tomas Fujiwara's Triple Double
  2. Plays Planet Caravan
    by Psychic Temple
  3. Land of Twilight
    by Ìxtahuele
  4. Komodo
    by Ìxtahuele
  5. Amaryllis
    by Mary Halvorson
  6. The Multiverse: Knowing
    by Scott McLemore
    Unless Unless
    Gorgeous and airy without being fluffy. Spacious and quiet without being air pudding. Rewards close listening. The interplay and the compositions are delightful. Happily recommended.
  7. Historic Music Past Tense Future
    by Peter Brötzmann, Milford Graves, William Parker
  8. Broken Cycle
    by Angelika Niescier + Hilmar Jensson + Scott McLemore
  9. The Turning Wheel
  10. Brian Jackson JID008
    by Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge
  11. Hot Like Lava
    by Don Tiki
  12. Chillhop Essentials Spring 2021
    by Various Artists
  13. African Spaces
    by Spirits Rejoice
  14. Dharmaland
    by Ìxtahuele
  15. Numbers Maker
    by Desertion Trio
  16. A Love Supreme Electric: A Love Supreme and Meditations
    by A Love Supreme Electric : Vinny Golia, John Hanrahan, Henry Kaiser, Wayne Peet, Mike Watt
  17. Virgin Lava
    by Kava Kon & TKDE
  18. Plays the Music of Thelonious Monk
    by ASA Trio
  19. Unspoken
    by Sunna Gunnlaugs and Maarten Ornstein
  20. The Multiverse
    by Scott McLemore