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  1. Great Hair
    by Flamingosis
  2. Gray Lodge Wisdom
    by Will Stratton
    Gray Lodge Wisdom (feat. The Weather Station) Gray Lodge Wisdom (feat. The Weather Station)
  3. Cellar Door
    by Graveyard Club
    Dying Days Dying Days
  4. Pineapple
    by Pineapple
    Nothing Matters Nothing Matters
  5. "Always Room"
    by Diners
  6. Touch
    by GL
    Indigo Indigo
  7. BA3
    by YUNG BAE
    I Want Cha Back I Want Cha Back
  8. Japanese Disco Edits 2
    by YUNG BAE
    Daydream (Edit) Daydream (Edit)
  9. Tourist Dollars
    by Tourist Dollars
    End of Times, Melting Minds End of Times, Melting Minds
  10. Animals With Religion
    by Bee Caves
    Black Mason Hills Black Mason Hills
  11. Strange Country (Canadian Edition)
    by Kacy & Clayton
  12. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    The Valley The Valley
  13. Himalaya
    by Summer Fiction
    Perfume Paper Perfume Paper
  14. Against Illusions and Reality
    by Parks, Squares and Alleys
    Old Times Old Times
  15. Keep On Loving You
    by Cigarettes After Sex
  16. Sun on the Dust
    by Hydrophonic Bop
    Sun on the Dust Sun on the Dust
  17. Stop Look Listen
    by Marta Ren
    2 Kinds Of Men 2 Kinds Of Men
  18. Stranger Than Strangers
    by The Inbetween Days
    Trade Names Trade Names
  19. Atlas
    by FM-84
    Tears Tears
  20. Where I Lived, And What I Lived For
    by Scott Orr
    Dreaming in Red Dreaming in Red
  21. Deep Fantasy
    by Surfing
  22. BAE 2
    by YUNG BAE
    Slam Jam! (w/ Luca Lush) Slam Jam! (w/ Luca Lush)
  23. Place of the Gods
    by Estas Tonne
    Little Jarochero Little Jarochero
  24. Borderline
    by Duett
    Running Scared (Feat. Stewart Lockwood) Running Scared (Feat. Stewart Lockwood)
  25. Client Liaison
    by Client Liaison
    Pretty Lovers Pretty Lovers
  26. Love Is A Dog
    by Tinpan Orange
    Cities Of Gold Cities Of Gold
  27. Coral City | Vol. 1
    by Various Artists
  28. Desired
    by Desired
    Rei 火星 Rei 火星