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  1. Ascend/Descend
    by Slomatics/Domkraft
  2. Tr3s
    by SageNESS
  3. Wayward Gods
    by Aiwass
  4. We Lay On Cold Stone
    by Josiah
  5. Slomosa
    by Slomosa
  7. Beyond The Mountain
    by Elk Witch
  8. Fear and Failure
    by ZOM
  9. Road Into The Darkness
    by No Stone
  10. Interstellar Voodoo
    by Wild Fuzz Trip
  11. Trip to The Netherlands
    by WEEDIAN
  12. Trip to England
    by WEEDIAN
  13. Trip to Sweden
    by WEEDIAN
  14. Trip to Germany
    by WEEDIAN
  15. Volume III
    by Various Artists
  16. Trip to Norway
    by WEEDIAN
  17. Trip to Poland
    by WEEDIAN
  18. I Am The King
    by The King's Pistol
  19. Trip to Austria
    by WEEDIAN
  20. Acheron
    by King Buffalo