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  1. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
    by Smoulder
  2. Sumerlands
    by Sumerlands
  3. Ageless Life
    by Sumerlands
    I'm so Afraid I'm so Afraid
    Makes me imagine my girl back in the days on her bed in a sweater listening to this on her walkman.
    Makes me cry. You made me cry guys! That ain't easy to achieve. One of my fav fleetwood songs! surely the heaviest
  4. Dreamkiller
    by Sumerlands
    Dreamkiller Dreamkiller
    This takes me back to the radio in the 80's, but it has the heavyness I was always missing that days. This is like a wolf in a sheeps clothing. It sucks you in and lets you fly, but you'll crash down in melancholy on Sumerlands! Still your heart burns on and on and on...DREAMKILLER
    Great work guys, thank you!

    Savior's Lie got all that Rainbow, Purple style, luv it

    by Eternal Champion
    In decades we'll look back on all the time this Album lasted. Over waves and waves like a mighty tower stood in the crumbling sea that brought nameless and crushed foes to a battle they couldn't win.
    Feels a lot like this to me.

    Favorite Songs Cowards Keep, Banners of Arhai
    by Eternal Champion
  7. Ride For Revenge/Retaliator
    by Eternal Champion
  8. Hidden History of the Human Race
    by Blood Incantation
  9. Bleed the Future
    by Archspire
  10. Bleed the Future
    by Archspire
  11. Bleed the Future
    by Archspire
  12. Demiurgus
    by Equipoise
    Cast Into Exile Cast Into Exile
    I own this now for a while and it never grows old. Timeless it started it's journey, yet there's no power that could stop this traveller throughout the universe to end it.
  13. Demiurgus
    by Equipoise
  14. Lich King 2017 Sampler
    by Lich King
    Three of the best songs made together. Waht more? Love it.
    It's going on between my friends. One shouts: "In th end", wherever the others are quote. So f.... funny
  15. The Omniclasm
    by Lich King
  16. Toxic Zombie Onslaught
    by Lich King
  17. I Quit (demo)
    by Lich King
  18. Born Of The Bomb
    by Lich King
    All Songs are a rip off! Even the cover (song) is iconic (the goat at the end lol)! Best Song Combat Mosh. The Solo is insane. Teh lyrics, the Riffs. With Omniclasm best Album. And Do over. Can't wait for new stuff!
  19. Lich King 2014 Sampler
    by Lich King
  20. Do-Over (Leaked Edition)
    by Lich King