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  1. Deep Time and Narrow Space
    by Molly Evans
    Woe Is Me Woe Is Me
    This is a joy to listen to. This EP says storytime in the best storyteller's voice and I'm all ear. Its perfect from start to finish.
  2. Rhayader EP
    by Toby Hay
    12 Miles A Day 12 Miles A Day
    This is a treat. It's a nice addition to the album.
  3. Birds EP
    by Toby Hay
    Starlings Starlings
    Beautiful! This is music that takes you to places.
  4. Stargazer
    by Ensemble Ériu
    Silvanus / Bowsie Silvanus / Bowsie
    It's hard to come up with something new these days. Ensemble Ériu does it and does it so well! A perfect blend of their background in traditional music and new music. It never sounds forced or contrived.
  5. Sensing the Park
    by Shona Mooney
    Red Squirrels of Hareshaw Linn Red Squirrels of Hareshaw Linn
    The cd version comes with a map. On this map, you can trace the journey of the music. One of the things I love about folk music is it's connection to the land. This music has strong bonds. It's an ode to the park and it couldn't ask for a better one. The music is diverse and unexpected at times, but it stays true to it's roots.
  6. Confluence
    by Amer // Hawksworth // Munro
    A Boat Departs Pittenweem Harbour A Boat Departs Pittenweem Harbour
  7. This Life
    by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood
    Devil & The Ploughman Devil & The Ploughman
    This album is a pleasant experience. Her voice is beautiful and very recognizable. The arrangements are lovely. But there's more to it than meets the eye. The message that is brought by melody and lyrics is an important one. Listen closely, learn and enjoy!
  8. Deepest, Darkest Night
    by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood
    Annie Laurie Annie Laurie
    Four great songs. It's a nice edition to the albums and very much worth a listen!
  9. Historia
    by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood
    Dark Eyed Sailor Dark Eyed Sailor
    The power of the story, such power! Kim Lowings is a master storyteller. I love to listen to her beautiful voice while the tales unfold. The instrumental backing is also excellent, never in the way of the story, rather enhancing it.
  10. The Mermaid's Lament
    by Jess Ward
    Dancing With The Devil/Ty Bach Twt Dancing With The Devil/Ty Bach Twt
    This album came as a very nice surprise. I was drawn to the lovely artwork and I wasn't disappointed by the music. On the contrary, this album is a gem. It's enchanting, but it has an edge to it. A one woman show that is a delight to listen to and keeps you interested every single second.
  11. East
    by Iona Fyfe
    Sleepytoon Sleepytoon
    Inventive and to the point arrangements. I love her clear voice and I'm looking forward to the first full lengts album (though this EP has a nice length as well).
  12. Source to Sea
    by Jenny Sturgeon
    Thunder Thunder
    You can hear the earth, the sea and the sky in her music. It is bound to nature in a subtle way.
  13. Locks & Bolts
    by Solarference
    I Wish That The Wars Were All Over I Wish That The Wars Were All Over
    This is something special. The soundscapes they create don't loose the song as a whole, but in it's fragmented way familiar songs become new and adventurous places to dwell in.
  14. Lips of Clay
    by Solarference
    Cold Blows the Wind Cold Blows the Wind
    The perfect marriage of acoustics and electronics. I was drawn in by the exquisite singing, but I wasn't sure I liked the laptop part at first. It grew on my though and now I'm mesmerized by this music as a whole.
  15. The Gathering
    by Toby Hay
    Mayfair at Rhayader 1927 Mayfair at Rhayader 1927
    This reminds me of a folktales about a village that appears out of nowhere. A village from the past, only seen at a certain time by a certain person. And then it's gone. The village is a dreamlike vision, there is longing, there is acceptance that everything is as it should be in this moment. This is beautiful music and like the traveller who passes the village I feel like one who has passed through a dream.
  16. Cormac Begley
    by Cormac Begley
    Reels - Yellow Tinker / Ríl Mhór Bhaile An Chalaidh Reels - Yellow Tinker / Ríl Mhór Bhaile An Chalaidh
    On this album the different concertinas are persons. They are different characters, they laugh, they cry, they grunt and they moan. Every sigh is recorded, nothing is left out. I think this is a wonderful approach and in the hands of this very skilled musician the instrument itself is singing and dancing.
  17. A Moment of Madness | Le Gealaigh
    by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Brendan Begley
    Dhá Pholca Dálaigh Dhá Pholca Dálaigh
    Such a daring approach. They play so well together. The music feels like breathing. It never gets silly, the humour brought to this music comes from deep understanding, like the humour you share with someone you've known all your life. So familiar and yet a celebration of beauty that never stops to amaze the musician or the listener.
  18. Deadly Buzz | Aoibhinn Crónán
    by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Mick O'Brien
    An Buailteoir Aerach, The Enchanted Lady, The Holy Land An Buailteoir Aerach, The Enchanted Lady, The Holy Land
    It's a follow up and yet it's fresh. You can here how the musicians have evolved. Kitty lie over was a perfect album and technically it couldn't get any better. But there's something here, a sort of buzzing poetry, I can't describe it, I can only love it.
  19. Kitty Lie Over
    by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Mick O'Brien
    Kitty Lie Over / Munster Buttermilk Kitty Lie Over / Munster Buttermilk
    Now I know why this album is so well loved and has such raving reviews. It's an inventive album and a classic at the same time. I don't like the term "must have" but it does apply to this album.
  20. Roscanna
    by Cuar
    Damhsa Tandava Damhsa Tandava
    Thoughtful and subtle music, it's new music, but you can here the echo of Irish music throughout. This is music that breathes, spacious and delicate.
  21. Roithleán
    by Saileog Ní Cheannabháin
    The Old Dúidín, Tighe’s Rare Reel, Joe Mháire Mhicilín The Old Dúidín, Tighe’s Rare Reel, Joe Mháire Mhicilín
    She's an inventive and inquistitive musician, but is always led by the music. No experiments for the sake of experimenting. I love the sound of the viola and the diversity of the album.
  22. In Flow
    by Jack Talty
    The Bubbling Wine, The Flowery Fields of Scotland, and The Sailor on the Rock The Bubbling Wine, The Flowery Fields of Scotland, and The Sailor on the Rock
    What's not to love? It's impossible NOT to enjoy this album. The tunes are well chosen and the title of the album is very accurate. The playing is smooth and flowing.
  23. White Flowers
    by Lutine
    So It Goes So It Goes
    Beautiful and delicate and very original.
  24. Night Becoming
    by Ellie Rose Rusbridge
    Laurell's Song Laurell's Song
    This music takes you on a strange and pleasant nocturnal journey. She has such a distinctive voice.
  25. Devils
    by Apple of my Eye
    Willow Willow
    This is fine storytelling! Each song is assured and inventive and a delight to listen to. Get ready for some nice twists and turns all brought with vivacious clarity.
  26. Warning Bells
    by Hannah Sanders
    Canadee-i-o Canadee-i-o
    Timeless music. These arrangements won't lose their freshness after time. The self-penned song is also excellent. I was drawn in immediately by the pure beauty of her voice.
  27. black mountains revisited
    by julie murphy
    polly vaughan polly vaughan
    A beautiful album! Such variety and yet consistency. There are a lot of guest musicians but it never sounds overcrowded, overworked or overthought. Everything she does is thoughtful and passionate at the same time.
  28. Summat's Brewin'
    by O'Hooley & Tidow
    White Winos White Winos
    Something different entirely! I love their songwriting, it's so typical and honest. Here they sing about drinking mostly and no matter what's the song about, it's always brought with intergrity and perfect clarity.
  29. Le Puy en Velay
    by Mishaped Pearls
    festival festival
    Very dramatic and powerful! Full of theatrical atmosphere and classical influences and yet something entirely different and new.
  30. a quiet house
    by julie murphy
    piano abstract piano abstract
    Be ready to hold your breath for the duration of the album. This is as personal as a diary and full of meaning. This is as pure and as it gets!
  31. Every bird that flies
    by julie murphy
    Willie Taylor Willie Taylor
    This is an album by an artist at her peak. It sounds so assured and yet very vulnerable. It's a very brave album, original and daring. The songwriting is exquisite.
  32. lilac tree
    by julie murphy
    lilac tree lilac tree
    A raw and at times delicate album. This is a step in another direction and yet unmistakable Julie Murphy. She has a style and interpretation that's immediately recognizable. Love it!
  33. These Dreams Like Trees Are Dark And Twisting
    by Christine Cooper
    The Cruel Mother The Cruel Mother
    The title does suspect something interesting and different, and it is! This is storytelling at its finest and I'm glad the branches of the dark trees reached me.
  34. Eternal Child - Daria Kulesh
    by Folkstock Records
    Cracks Cracks
    This is a beautiful album. It's heartfelt and personal. She has a beautiful voice and the songs are very well written. I was very excited when I heard the albumsamples, this was something special! And it is!
  35. Hunt The Hare - A Branch of May
    by Lisa Knapp
    May Garland May Garland
    Beautiful may celebration!
  36. Findings
    by Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater
    By The Tides (Album Version) By The Tides (Album Version)
    I loved this album! It's like reading a book of folktales, full of good stories sung with so much depth and warmth. The songwriting is as always excellent and the way the traditional songs are woven in is also very well done. What more can I say? Love it, love it, love it!!!
  37. Laghdú
    by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Dan Trueman
    Leathan le Leathan Leathan le Leathan
    The hardingfele is an instrument of great emotional depth which becomes very clear when you listen to this album. It's dark and light at the same time.
  38. Quartet EP
    by Arlet
    The Smugglers The Smugglers
    I loved every second of it. It's warm music and very exciting, also in a smaller musical setting.
  39. Clearing
    by Arlet
    The Woodturner The Woodturner
    This is thoughtful music and yet full of emotion. This group is bursting with good ideas and whats more important: they know how to change these into real music.
  40. One Light Is Gone
    by Josienne Clarke
    The Birds The Birds
    Her style is so divers and assured. Great song writing!
  41. i bhfior-dheiriú oidhche
    by Saileog Ní Cheannabháin
    Sadhbh Thomáis Sadhbh Thomáis
    This is a gem. She was born to sing sean-nós. She sounds as natural as the birds in my garden. The choice of songs is also very interesting. I love this album!
  42. Imbas
    by Ensemble Ériu
    The Tempest The Tempest
    It's spacious and dense, strange and familiar, all at the same time. These tunes are arranged in a very new way and yet they sound so natural.
  43. Like Diamond Glances
    by The Foxglove Trio
    Newry Town Newry Town
    This is traditional music that sounds so right. Every note is in place, the arrangements are done with care, and yet it sounds effortless. This is music that stays exciting, no matter how often you listen to it.
  44. Stories Sung, Truths Told
    by Tir Eolas
    The Call The Call
    I love the classical influences. These are all excellent musicians and yet they don't feel the need to make it about that. The album is about beautiful songs and great stories and the rest comes along during the ride.
  45. Swimmings of the Head
    by Kate in the Kettle
    Fairy Fiddler Fairy Fiddler
    The cover is so well suited! Kate does it her own way and she does it with confidence! Great songs and tunes!