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Aniruddha Nath

  1. Kolkata, India
  2. Metal
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  1. Rise of the Saffron Empire (Black Metal)
    by HEATHEN BEAST (Kolkata, India)
    The Systematic Annihilation of Islam The Systematic Annihilation of Islam
    Black metal with perfectly executed work of Indian Instruments came together, what more can I ask for!

    one of the best release came in this year from India.
  2. Catacombs of Decay (Raw Death Metal)
    by STRANGULATE (Kolkata, India)
    Blood and Bones Blood and Bones
    Bloody riffs and gruesome vocals!
    OSDM at it's best!

    Planet Caravan Review -
  3. Obituary for the Living (Thrash Metal)
    by EXALTER (Bangladesh)
    Exalter - Sacrificial Immolation Exalter - Sacrificial Immolation
    Pretty much stoked to discover this 2 piece Thrash metal act from Bangladesh.
    They are thrashing exactly how it is supposed to be done.

    Total suppport from India.
  4. Descendant of Time
    by Surtur
    Demolisher Demolisher
    Great album!
    Pure old school thrash.
    total support from India.