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  1. Tell Me What I Know
    by Sonia Maral
  2. Haunt, The Cartoon Heart
    by Bear Ghost
  3. Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste!
    by Bear Ghost
  4. See the Day
    by Brian David Gilbert
  5. Solus LP
    by Michael Ross
  6. Modern Theater
    by Love Nothing
    Can't Take It with You Can't Take It with You
  7. HUH!
    by Minimall
    Pyrrhic Victory Pyrrhic Victory
  8. Minimall: Soundcast Session
    by Minimall
    Befriending in Reverse Befriending in Reverse
  9. Moons Over Moab
    by The Ashley Hundred
  10. Game Winner EP
    by Joey Dosik
    Competitive Streak Competitive Streak
  11. Heartbreak Hits
    by Theo Katzman
    As the Romans Do As the Romans Do
  12. End of the End EP
    by Narc Twain
    The Clock Stopped Ticking The Clock Stopped Ticking
    this complements the first narc twain release beautifully! i feel like the world is ending a little bit when i listen to it, but like, in a good way
  13. While Off Adventuring
    by I Am The Mountain
    Diamonds To Coal Diamonds To Coal
    these tunes sound like a warm hug on a cold day feels
  14. Narc Twain EP
    by Narc Twain
    No Connection No Connection
    this album makes me wanna overthrow the american government and i live in canada
  15. Welcome Week EP
    by Allegra Rosenberg
    Better Idea Better Idea
  16. Breathe
    by Marc Rivest
    The Glow The Glow
  17. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
    Metal Crusher Metal Crusher