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  1. CH4NGE (Lycanix remix)
    by Zephyrianna
  2. Krystal & Courtney: "Total Instant Loss"
    by Ginny Fantasy
  3. Aerith: "Let Me Ride You!" (FF7 Audio)
    by Ginny Fantasy
  4. Kingslayer
    by Zephyrianna
  5. Not Photogenic
    by Zephyrianna
  6. ATARAXIA (unit.0 remix)
    by Zephyrianna
  7. Low
    by Zephyrianna, _sugarskull, Nash Muhandes
  8. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
  9. RIDE ON TIME (ODDEEO Arrange)
    by ODDEEO
    RIDE ON TIME (feat. Gumi) (ODDEEO Arrange) RIDE ON TIME (feat. Gumi) (ODDEEO Arrange)
  10. HOPE LEFT ME (Complete Version)
  11. Judgement: "Show Me A Good Time, Human!" (Helltaker Audio)
    by Ginny Fantasy
  12. I Killed Captain Cook
    by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  13. Folium Limina
    by The Otolith
  14. The Flamingo Café
    by William Maranci
  15. GANGNAMCORE Generations
    by Sexy Ladies and Mother Father Gentlemen of Gangnam District
  16. The First Sound of The Future Past
    by Astrophysics & Hatsune Miku
    Enjoy The Silence Enjoy The Silence
    The whole experience was a trip, loved it all the easy through. It was a twist how I rediscovered you and your works through that song you did with Kiara!
  17. Meat Mountain
    by William Maranci
  18. Pizza Balloon Vol. I
    by William Maranci
  19. Pizza Balloon Vol. II
    by William Maranci
  20. Sweet Summer Party
    by greyl