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  1. One-Derful!
    by Something Merry
  2. After Hour
    by Something Merry
  3. Inconvenience Store
    by Smol Data
  4. Do It With A Smile
    by thirdface
  5. Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
    by Original Sharks
  6. Kentucky Route Zero- Original Soundtrack
    by Ben Babbitt
  7. Landmarks
    by Laureate
  8. Wish and Wait
    by Del Cielo
    Tell Me a Lie Tell Me a Lie
    Back in 2003/2004 (??) I randomly downloaded Tell Me A Lie off of Del Cielo's Purevolume, and for years afterwards I would occasionally try and find more about this band, and was never that successful until they put this record on Bandcamp. I am so thrilled to finally have the full thing to listen to, almost 20 years later.
  9. Don't Worry
    by Mobina Galore
  10. Past Lives
    by L.S. Dunes
  11. Maryanne
    by Millington
  12. Solo
    by Millington
  13. Accident Prone/Circles (Reimagined)
    by Glacier Veins
  14. Lunar Reflection
    by Glacier Veins
  15. Never Before Seen, Never Again Found
    by arm's length
  16. SoCal (Psycho)
    by Suburban Eyes
  17. Lights Out Little Hustler
    by Samiam
  18. Control My Sanity
    by Like Pacific
  19. Old Clothes
    by tigers jaw
  20. Love Me Forever
    by Pinkshift