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  1. [AF023] – Ubal EP
    by Mause
    25-8-18 25-8-18
    This is legitimately exciting stuff. I look forward to more!
  2. Project Caelus
    by Ochre
    Frustums Frustums
    Hard to pick a favorite. Delightful either despite or because of the near-complete lack of percussion... Ochre's done it again.
  3. [AF018LP] Vital Heat
    by James Shinra
    Window Window
    Such an incredibly polished album, I say Window is my favorite, but it's because I was almost completely overcome by the time I got partway through the track during the first full listen... what a masterpiece of an album!
  4. [AF006] Meteor EP
    by Shinra
    Anxsrv Anxsrv
    Downright phenomenal.
  5. Vol.1
    by RWD
    Trismegistus Trismegistus
    Fun story, I almost got into an accident with a parked car in a parking garage while listening to my favorite track on this release because I was rocking out so hard. Mr. Dunn is dangerously good.
  6. [AF012] Supernova EP
    by James Shinra
    Interstellar Interstellar
    Where did this dude come from?? This is superb; so clean and polished it's like a five-star hotel, three-star Michelin restaurant, and brand-new Aston Martin all in one.
  7. Beyond the Outer Loop
    by Ochre
    Light Rail Light Rail
    Damn fine. I'm always excited to see a new Ochre release!
  8. [AF002] Welkin EP
    by Dwaallicht
    Debt Loop Debt Loop
    This rocks so hard. A modern master, hard at work on his craft.
  9. Fastfall
    by Lifeformed
  10. Isolette
    by Ochre
    Infinite Bookends Infinite Bookends
    Great music, as always. The Roel Funcken remix is a very welcome addition.
  11. VGM Acapella: Volume 6
    by Smooth McGroove
    Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze
    Love this, but I miss the videos whenever I listen to it, and end up heading over to YouTube again... that's not a bad thing. :)
  12. National Ignition
    by Ochre
    Helicene Helicene
    This is one of those really nice "album experiences", which when taken all at once, leaves you with a really good feeling. For one-off hits, it's tough to pick between Helicene and David Elsewhere.
  13. Early Learning
    by Ochre
    Low Grav Freefall Low Grav Freefall
    I didn't even realize Low Grav Freefall could benefit from a re-do until I heard this. Just wow. Fantastic tracks on this release all around.

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